Resorts World Genting. The last time I went there was in April 2014. Time really fly so fast!~ I am so happy to be invited by Resorts World Genting to review my experience in their resort. They have line up a series of activities including a visit to Chin Swee Temple and Ed Alonzo Magic Show. It was just a weekend trip from Friday Night to Sunday Evening.

~Day 1~

After work, we went home to take our luggage and gathered at Boon Lay Shopping Centre. The bus started the journey at 10:40pm when everyone arrives. Here we start the trip to Genting. We stopped over at 2 stops and get some snacks for supper. Yum Yum…

I dozed off in the bus and time flies soon we arrive at First World Hotel at Resorts World Genting. At the entrance of the hotel, we saw the model of the resort. Such a big resort!~

~First World Hotel~

Address:Resorts World Genting
Hotel Website:[View Website]
Tripadvisor:[Visit More Reviews]
Book a Room:[Agoda Website]
Quick Review:We were put to stay in the newly renovated XYZ rooms in Tower 3 at First World Hotel which just conferred by Guinness World Records for the biggest hotel in the world with 7351 rooms. Amazing!~ So many rooms! The room is clean and cozy. Their bathroom and restroom are also separated. That’s nice that both guest can use bathroom/restroom concurrently. The room is a bit small but it is good enough for me as most of the time we are out enjoying the attractions in the resort. Their room even have sockets for USB charging. So attentive to customers’ needs as we always need to charge our phones or tablets.

~Day 2~

After checking into the hotel, we had a good rest and woke up to a good appetite. Look at the weather!~ We are in the clouds!~ Met up with the rest of the bloggers. Can’t wait to start our awesome day~

~Coffee Terrace~

Website:[Visit Website]
Price:Adult: ~38 RM (~S$13), Child: ~19RM (~S$7)
Quick Review:Wow sumptuous Buffet Lunch~ It is just ~38 RM (~S$13) for Adults. Very Worth it indeed with such a great variety of buffet spread… Salad… Satay… Char Kway Tiao… Chicken Rice… Fried Vegetables… Satay… Ice Cream… Cakes.. Desserts… The Char Kway Tiao and Chicken Rice are hot favourite. First to clear at our table! We also met up with other child bloggers and other malaysia fellow bloggers.

After having a satisfying lunch, we are off to Chin Swee Temple…

~Chin Swee Temple~

Website:[Visit Website]
Quick Review:I have been to Resorts World Genting a few times but I have never been to Chin Swee Temple. I am so glad that they brought us here. It is not just a place for prayers but also an attraction not to be missed. Love the greenery landscape~ They also have a lot of exquisite architecture – A Beautiful Pagoda. The Large Buddha Outdoor statues are so stunning. They have a Journey of Enlightenment attraction which portray the levels of hell and the heavenly gods. It reminds of our Singapore Haw Par Villa. We had so much fun and even did a jump shot! Do pay the temple a visit!~

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