About Me

The best way to remember something is to always make effort to remember it.

I’m Eileen. The blog started with food adventures. I actually spent 3 months reading restaurant reviews as I was planning for a birthday celebration. I realised there were lots of really awesome places. In the end, I picked a great restaurant. The food and service were awesome. My efforts paid off. From this experience, I feel it is important to share reviews so that others can use them as a reference. I always emphasize that reviews are always subjective. What works for me. That doesn’t mean it works for you. 

I love to try a variety of food at different food places. From Hawker Centres to Fine Dining Restaurants. Over the years, my passion for photography grew. I love to capture my journey of life.

I once heard a quote in order to remember something, the best way is to always make effort to remember it. I want to make sure all these amazing adventures stay with me and also share them with everyone.

Join me in my journey of food, cooking, travel, beauty, and parenting adventures. 


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