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Educational Toys for Kids – Makes Learning Fun for your kids!

I got these cute projection watches for my boys. Travis recently is a fan of Spiderman and Darius is a big of Chase in Paw Patrol. The watch is fun as it allow them to project their favourite cartoon characters in the dark. They are so excited. It even trains the fine motor skills as it requires them to press on the switch to project on the wall. The watch also spark Travis interest in understanding the time! Haha he was asking what time should he sleep at night and sharing with me that he sleep at 1pm in school. So cute! You can get these projection watches (卡通投影发光手表) from Taobao.

Travis is always not keen on learning mathematical skills. Hence also got him some educational kits focusing on developing math skills. I got this SUM Party (TOI图益儿童数学前数字启蒙桌面游戏益智玩具). It is a 3 in 1 kit that helps to introduce addition and subtraction in various ways. I feel it is also very portable. Can bring it to grandparents place or staycation. Suitable for Age 4+. Click here to get it from Taobao.

Next, I also got the Cute Cow Balance (天平早教数字平衡玩具). It looks so cute. They have other cute characters like monkey, pig, elephant too. I like that it trains their hands to hold the cute characters and put them on the balance. It also shows them visually what number is more than the other number. Suitable for age 5+. Click here to get from Taobao.

Next, I got these Snap-in Math Cubes Activity Set (算数神器mathlink积木). It is highly recommended by many fellow mummy friends and teachers. Our little ones can build and understand spatial relationships with these linking cubes. It also builds counting, sorting, and measuring skills. It is suitable for ages 4+. Click here to get it from Taobao.

Travis is able to read Chinese characters but still needs a lot of improvement on writing Chinese characters. I always like Saalin educational kit. I am excited to get this Chinese Characters Handwriting 3 in 1 activities kit (saalin莎林汉字训练卡教具). It is suitable for ages 4 to 8 and contains 226 exercises! Click here to get it from Taobao.

I also tried to introduce 三字经and 弟子规 to the boys. Unfortunately, I guess I am not interesting enough. I got this 三字经弟子规 sound book ( 趣威有声早教) . The boys love sound book. I hope this will spark their interest. Click here to get it from Taobao.

Darius likes to speak English only. I hope to spark his interest in mandarin. He loves sound books. Hence, I got these Pinkfong sound books (碰碰狐点读书) with Chinese nursery rhymes. The illustrations are so adorable with nice Chinese nursery rhymes. Click here to get it from Taobao.

The boys love dogs. Unfortunately, I am too busy to rear pets at home. Hence, I got this robot dog (电动宠物狗). It will also help to develop social skills through interaction. The dog communicates in Chinese and can do so many stunts! Can lie down can sit. We can feed it too. Super adorable! Click here to get it from Taobao.

These are great for Peppa Pig Lovers! Love the Peppa’s Busy Day. The boys learn how to read a clock so easier! It makes it so much fun to learn with their favourite characters! Click here to get it from Taobao. The Peppa Storybooks in English and Chinese are also great reads. The boys love it too! Click here to get it from Taobao.

Stickers books help kids in many ways! They are great for improving fine motor skills. These 3Q Sticker books are my latest addition to our sticker book collection. Click here to get it from Taobao.

These cute super heroes bags are perfect for my boys weekend outings. Ha ha they love to lug their own small toys and books. haha train them to carry their own things themselves. it is small and light. Of course, SUPER CUTE too! They have a lot of other designs too! Click here to get it from Taobao.

I just got this new bottle for Darius that is actually a straw cup. it supposed to help him transition out of the milk bottle. I can’t wait for Darius to try it! Click here to get it from Taobao.

These days Travis practise writing a lot. The auto sharpener, mini vaccum and eraser are saviours. I was so frustrated always sharpening his pencils. The eraser dust was all over the table too. I so happy with the sharpener and vaccum. I have yet to try the auto eraser. Looks interesting too! (The seller I bought from previously already not selling anymore.) I found another seller with good reviews. Click here to get it from Taobao.

Jigsaw Puzzle are my boys’ favourite! I got this new addition to my jigsaw puzzle collection. I actually already collected from step 3 all the way to step 8 haha. Love this TOi Jigsaw Puzzle Step 4! it is a 3 in 1 puzzle (48 pieces, 54 pieces and 63 pieces). Great for Dinosaur lovers too! Click here to get it from Taobao.

Mask straps are so handy for my boys especially when they go to childcare. They can hang the mask on their neck while they eat. It is better then place the mask on table as it may drop on floor and dirty it. Click here to get it from Taobao.

Household Essentials – Makes our life at home better

I love this portable juicer! The bottle is made of glass. I love to use this to make avocado milk and berries for my boys. They love it. It is so convenient and easy to wash! Click here to get it from Taobao.

I bought this Philips Toothbrush organiser! It has UV sterilization technology! I can’t wait to try!

I love this townew smart bin! It is so convenient! It can auto open the cover and also best of all it can auto change bag! Amazing! Haha Just need to press the button and it will seal the old bag and I will take the rubbish to throw. It will then replace with new bag! Click here to get it from Taobao.

Recently, I also got this new spray mop! It is a saviour to my cleaning at the dining area every day. The boys will make the floor so dirty after their meals. I can easily clean with by spraying cleaning solution from the mop and I don’t need to hand wring the mop! Click here to get it from Taobao.

Love these non-slip bathroom mats. The material is so soft with adorable designs. Click here to get it from Taobao.

These table coasters are so sleek and stylish. Click here to get it from Taobao.

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