Popcorn Lovers! Check this out!

Christmas is round the corner! Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts? Do check out The Kettle Gourmet‘s mixed box of delectable popcorn with their iconic local flavours (i.e. Chill Crab, Pulut Hitam, Nasi Lemak, and more) ! The flavours are so unique and they reminds us of our local popular dishes! Love the sweet and savoury! Great for different craving. They are definitely teasing our taste buds. Now they are having 2 kinds of Christmas Popcorn Pack bundles (Christmas Mini Pack Popcorn Bundle and Christmas Popcorn Pack Bundle). Featuring the Christmas Mini Pack Popcorn Bundle.

The Christmas Popcorn Mini Pack Bundle has 8 mini packets of gourmet popcorn that includes our best selling flavours like Chilli Crab, Fish Head Curry, Chicken Floss, Nasi Lemak, Kaya Butter Toast, Salted Caramel, Pulut Hitam & Chocolate. I love the Nasi Lemak flavour but it is quite spicy for me as I have low threshold for spiciness. However, it is feel so SHIOK as it is flavourful with spicy kick! Haha. The Pulut Hitam flavour is so creative! It really bring back my memories of Pulut hitam! Not overly sweet. They also have other spicy flavours for the spicy lovers like Fish head Curry and Chilli Crab! The people who prefer sweet popcorn can have Pulut Hitam, Kaya Butter Toast, and Chocolate! So cool there is a flavour to tease everyone’s taste buds! The pop corns are well coated too! I like that it is in mini pack. I can finish it in a setting haha and feel less guilty haha. It is also non-GMO, no trans-fat and freshly baked! It is also Halal-certified. Great for our muslim friends too!

To make things extra special this year, The Kettle Gourmet has added another Christmas box – this time consisting of their new corn stick snacks, YUMI, to the mix. It comes in Original, Cheese, and BBQ Chicken flavours. It uses non-GMO corn grits. Looking forward to try it!

They even offer deliveries to multiple locations. (island-wide at $6 per drop) Do contact them before ordering.

These are indeed great gift ideas for occasions like Christmas and certainly Chinese New Year too! They are in resealable bags. Making it so convenient to bring out for snacking! Like at picnics.

This post is brought to you by The Kettle Gourmet.

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