Resorts World Genting. I am happy that I am invited again by Resorts World Genting to review my experience in their resort. They have a new show “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly” that features “mystician” Aaron Crow and we get to visit Snow World! It was just a short weekend getaway from Friday Night to Sunday Evening. I think Resorts World Genting is a good option for people living in Singapore when you feel like having a short vacation with cool weather!

~Day 1~

After work, we went home to take our luggages and took a cab down to Golden Mile Complex. There was a heavy traffic at the road infront of Golden Mile Complex. Luckily, we left home early and reach there in time. Resort World Genting has invited 13 of us. So fun. We met some friends from the previous trip and new friends too. The bus started the journey around 10pm when everyone arrives. We start our journey up to Genting. We stopped over at 2 stops E.g. Yong Peng.

First thing everyone did was to quickly grab a Malaysia Sim Card! Haha These days hard to survive without mobile data! I will miss my Instagram! It was about 40rm (S$13+) total for the sim card and the mobile plan

Now is the Supper time Haha. But I better control! So I just grab a light waffle cake! Yum Yum

We reached about First World Hotel at Resorts World Genting about 5:20am. Yippee! WE ARE HERE! Can’t wait to check in and have a good rest before we start our exciting day!

~First World Hotel~

Address:Resorts World Genting
Hotel Website:[View Website]
Tripadvisor:[Visit More Reviews]
Book a Room:[Agoda Website]
Quick Review:Yippee. We are again staying in the newly renovated XYZ rooms in Tower 3 at First World Hotel. The room is pretty small but it is modern and chic look with 2 fluffy pillows. The mattress was a bit too hard to my liking though. It is very close to the hotel room opposite so I keep the curtains close. What I love most is they have international power socks and USB ports for charging! These days we just got too many things to change. Like our powerbanks, mobile phones, ipad and etc. Another good thing is their bathroom and restroom are separated. There is also a cafe at the lobby. I heard it has complimentary Wi-Fi. For people that does not have mobile data, you can consider to rest and relax while updating with your friends and family via social media. They also provide the basic amenities like hairdryer, kettle, coffee/tea, tissue, shower cap and soap. Do remember to bring toothbrush. There is no airconditioning! Haha But don’t worry! Genting is pretty chilly. At night the temperature can go down to 20 degrees celsius. Just open the window and on the fan for ventilation. I think the resort save a lot of money on electricity. Another great thing was the toilet and shower are separated. It make it very convenient for guests.

~Day 2~

We woke up early and went to grab coffee at Starbucks. We are going for Buffet Lunch at Coffee Terrace! Yum Yum.

Yeah We have the 7 Heaven Bloggers met up again! Unfortunately 2 of them couldn’t turn up for the trip.

~Coffee Terrace~

Website:[Visit Website]
Price:Adult: ~38 RM (~S$13), Child: ~19RM (~S$7)
Quick Review:I always love the Coffee Terrace’s Buffet Lunch~ It is very value for money. It is just ~38 RM (~S$13) for Adults. Great variety with local delights like Satay, Fried Kway Tiao and Chicken Rice. There are also salad and desserts. Love the Satay, Chicken Rice and Carrot Cake! There were some changes to the menu since the last time we came during November Last Year. They also offer vegetarian dishes. There were mock ducks meat and salad. Great for vegetarian lovers.

We were so full! Yummy! Now we proceed to Snow World!

~Snow World~

Website:[Visit Website]
Quick Review:I have never been to snow world in Resorts World Genting. The temperature is as low as -5 degrees celsius!!! I think it is great for Family and Kids who want to experience the cold weather. Unfortunately there is no snowing effect. You can bring your own jacket, gloves, boots and wool beanie. They also provide if you didn’t have suitable apparel. I brought my own scarf and leather gloves! I was wearing sportshoes so don’t need to wear their boots. The place is lovely for phototaking. You can’t bring camera inside but you can get their professional photographers to help you to take. They can print the photos (e.g. 1 8R print is RM 53rm) or CD (e.g. 15 Digital photo is RM 133 or 30 Digital photo is RM 159).

After freezing fun at Snow World We are off to our long awaited Aaron Crow’s “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly” Show in Genting…. Cool! I have watched him in the “Britain’s got talent” on Youtube. Finally, I can see him in real!

~Aaron Crow’s “Fearless! Cheating Death Nightly”~

Address:Genting International Showroom
Website:[View Website]
Price:VIP – RM 118 (~S$40), PS1 – RM98 (~S$33), PS2 – RM78 (S$26)
Quick Review:Aaron Crow. The man of magical powers and eloquent silence simply just blow our minds with so many magical risky stunts filled with mystery and suspense. He engaged the audience in many of his acts. He covered his eyes with candle wax, tape and foil and attempt to cut the pineapple on the audience head. We sweat for her! I was also picked to be one of the audience for his SWALLOW NEEDLES act. Oh No..!!! We were also very impressed with his crew. The amazing host and The hot beautiful ladies! The show is available from 18 March 2016 to 15 May 2016.

See my full review with more pictures at Aaron Crow at Resorts World Genting Trip

What the FEARFUL stunts fun-filled day!~ Time to fill our stomach! Time flies! So fast diner time. We are going to have a Bubbly time at Bubbles and Bites!~ Never Been there so I am looking forward to see what they offer!

~Bubbles & Bites~

Address:Second floor of Maxims
Website:[Visit Website]
Opening Hours:Weekdays: 11am to Midnight, Weekend/ Eve of Public Holidays/ School Holidays: 11am to 2am
Quick Review:1st thing is be there early! At 5+pm, there was already queue and inside was fully packed! Thanks goodness that they had reserved the private area at the 2nd deck of the restaurant for us. It was long queue when we reached. I am sure it is a very popular choice among the Genting Customers.

Bubbles and Bites offers a great variety of dishes that includes unique creations as Ethiopian Chicken. The unique interior design concept adopted―modern and chic with ceiling laser lighting, soothing music and television screens presenting the day’s best sports news. Great for sport lovers!
We tried Old Angus Beef T-Bone Steak RM 75 (~S$25), Kampung Chicken RM 38 (~S$13), Chicken Schnitzel RM 29 (~S$10), Ethiopian Chicken RM 29 (~S$10), Slow Braised Lamb Shank RM 39 (~S$13), Lam Lee Burger RM 29 (~S$10), Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with Seafood RM 33 (~S$11), Grilled Salmon Tagliatelle & Cremosa Pesto RM 33 (~S$11), New York Spaghetti & Meatballs RM 27 (~S$9), Carbonara Pizza RM 35 (~S$12), Oblong Margherita RM 31 (S$11) and etc. It is pretty value for money. My favourites are Old Angus Beef T-Bone Steak, Spaghetti Aglio-Olio with Seafood and Chicken Schnitzel.

After a good dinner, what’s next to make it perfect? Haha of course it is DESSERT! I am looking forward to the Genting In-House Gelato – ITALGELATO. I also had it at my previous Genting Trip. You can check out my previous trip where we with more pictures on the ITALGELATO at Resorts World Genting Nov 2015 Trip Part 2 of 2

Yippee! Now is Free and Easy time! We went to shop around. Wow it was 20 degree celsius! So cold! So different from Singapore! Haha!

We went to get my favourite Genting drink – Hot Chocolate at The Bakery Cafe. Feel nice to have warm chocolate in the cold weather. So cozy.

We passed by the Casino. Wow so many people crowded around the entrance. Thought of going to take a look but we were too tired.

Good Night!~ What a fun-filled Day! Tire Me Out totally! Looking forward to the breakfast tomorrow at Food Factory!

Had a good night rest and am all packed up! Ready to check out and go for breakfast!

~Food Factory~

Address:Level 3, First World Plaza
Website:[Visit Website]
Opening Hours:Breakfast Buffet: 6am – 11am
Price:RM 29.00 nett (adult), RM 14.50 nett (child)
Quick Review:It is a 23,568 sq ft opened kitchen concept restaurant that can accommodate 1300 diners. Wow Amazing! Can feed an army haha. If you sit by the window, you can see the lovely scenery outside. They offer a great variety of buffet (West Asian, East Asian, Western and Pastry) like Pancakes, Local Buns, Cereals, Fried Noodles, Pizza, Fruits, Juice, Coffee & Tea. There is local delights like Fried Noodles.

The most amazing thing is some of these food are actually cooked by machines!!! To cater to such a big crowd, food must be quickly made but served fresh. Machines came to help on this. Sound like Transformer? Haha. There is Mr Pancake Machine, Mr Pizza Conveyer and Mr Fried Rice and Noodles Machine!~ The Pancake Machine can make up to 200 pieces of pancakes in about 30 minutes. The chef just need to put 7.2 kg of flour, 13 eggs and 7.2 liter of milk into the machine and it can actually make pancakes for 2000 people while the chef busy themselves with other more dishes. This saves so much time and energy!

Oops. So Fast! Time to leave. Back to reality! Grab a starbucks drink while we wait for our bus to Singapore! Bye bye to Resorts World Genting! Thank you so much for the invitation and also special thanks to Eric and Jia Yi for hosting us!~

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