Day 9 to 10. Perth & Fremantle. Ops holiday is coming to an end. So sad! We finally spend some time in Perth City. Unfortunately, it had to be cut shorter as there is a city marathon and road closures. We had to drive out of the Perth very early as we need to go to the airport on that day. We decided to drop by to Fremantle before we leave for the airport.

~Day 9~

I miss having chinese food. Heard Dim Sum restaurants in Perth city is quite nice. So thought of trying… Yum Yum Woke up and slowly stroll to the NorthBridge Chinese Restaurant while I explore the streets.

~NorthBridge Chinese Restaurant~

Address:26 Roe St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
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Quick Review:I like the way they use the traditional method of dim sum trolley to show case the dim sum. They were pretty crowded. The service was very fast. Once we sit down, a lot of the trolleys came and serve. The dim sum was quite nice.

After a satisfying brunch, we continue to explore the streets. We chanced upon this group of people trying to pose while crossing the road. We quench our thirst with the fruit juice from Java Juice shop.

Its shopping time! How can we missed out on outlet shopping in Australia? Haha Winkz

~Watertown Outlet Shopping~

Address:840 Wellington St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia
Website:[Visit Website]
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Quick Review:Shopping Time! Quite a good variety of shops! Some had great discounts too! Go to the Tourist Counter and get your tourist card for more deals.

After dropping off our shopping bags, we decided to pay a visit Crown Casino in Perth…

~Crown Casino~

Address:Bolton Ave, Burswood WA 6100, Australia
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Quick Review:Great for Casino Lovers. They also have bar for chill out and drinks. We went for quick dinner at Macdonalds.

What a long tiring day … Time for a good night rest. We had to wake up super early the next day as we are leaving for Singapore and there are road closures due to the city marathon. We decided to drop by Fremantle for lunch before we leave Australia.

~Day 10~

~E-Sheds Markets~

Address:Victoria Quay, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
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Quick Review:A boring place. Maybe can shop for some Australia souvenirs. The shops are all repeated and a lot of vacant shop.

Decided to go Cicerellos for Lunch~ The final fish and chips meal before going back to Singapore. Nom Nom!


Address:Fisherman’s Wharf, 44 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Website:[Visit Website]
Quick Review:The only place I went to eat more than 1 time! Rare that I will eat from a same place more than 1 time in the same trip. I really love this place that I really want to have it again before I go back to Singapore. Delicious Crispy Fish and Chips. Fresh and Tender Fish! I miss the Oysters too!

Sad. The trip is really going to end. Had a light Chicken Pie before boarding the plane. Bye Bye Australia! I will definitely be back!

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