Invited: Resorts World Genting Highlands Trip (Nov 2015) Part 2 of 2

After the tour in Chin Swee Temple, we make our way to the Pyscho Circus in Resorts World Genting. It is their new comical and magical show by "Misfit Magician" Ed Alonzo.

~Ed Alonzo's Pyscho Circus of Magic & Mayhem~
Address: Resorts World Genting
Website: [View Website]
My Rating (3 out of 5)
Price: Adult: VIP - ~168 RM (~S$56), PS1 - ~128 RM (~S$42), PS2 - ~88 RM (~S$29)
Child: VIP - ~88 RM (~S$29), PS1 - ~68 RM (~S$23), PS2 - ~48 RM (~S$16)
Quick Review: The 80 minutes comical magic show features America's comedic magician - Ed Alonzo, Beautiful Sexy Dancers, Fire Show and Sword Swallowing Stunts. Ed Alonzo was also headlined previously for touring with Britney Spears. Now Singaporeans/ Malaysians don't need to travel all the way to America but it is right near our doorsteps. We were all wow by how Ed Alonzo perform the disappearing acts. Resorts World Genting also offers promotional package with rooms in First World Hotel. Do check out their Resorts World Genting website for details. Look at all the pictures!~ We even get a chance to take picture with their cast and other fellow bloggers!
Genting_650_42 Genting_650_52 Genting_650_41 Genting_650_43 Genting_650_44 Genting_650_45 Genting_650_46 Genting_650_47 Genting_650_48 Genting_650_94 Genting_650_50 Genting_650_51 Genting_650_91 Genting_650_89

Resorts World Genting Staff gave us an introduction on the history on Resorts World Genting. Thanks to Eric Moo for bringing us back to the past and also future developemnts! Resorts World Genting is going to invest 5 Billion RM to revamp the resort. Looking forward to the new 20th Century Fox World (a future movie inspired theme park) and Genting Shopping Premium Outlets to be opened next year 2016!~

Genting_650_54 Genting_650_55 Genting_650_56

What a fun-filled day!~ Off we go for our seafood steamboat dinner at Resort Seafood Steamboat!~

~Resort Seafood Steamboat~
Website: [Visit Website]
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Price: Set Menu for 2 persons dining – RM108.00nett (S$36)
Set Menu for 4 persons dining – RM240.00nett (S$79)
Set Menu for 8 persons dining – RM502.00nett (S$166)
Quick Review: It was long queue when we reached. It is a very popular choice. I guess it is nice and heartwarming to have steamboat dinner with family in the cold weather at the Resorts at a spacious and relaxing ambience. Wow the steamboat dinner is just about ~63 RM (S$21) per pax. We had 11 persons but we ordered the set meal for 8. Guess what we can't even finished the dinner. The portions are very generous. The seafood were very fresh and they also offer a good variety in the set meal. We had crabs, prawns, mushrooms, dumplings, vegetables, eggs, noodles, ham with aromatic spicy tom yam soup and chicken soup with refreshing Freezy Calamansi Juice. There are about 20 different sauces freshly prepared daily. You can order other ala carte as well like the Australian snow crab, Canadian geoduck and Boston Lobster from the aquarium.
Genting_650_57 Genting_650_60 Genting_650_59 Genting_650_58 Genting_650_69 Genting_650_61 Genting_650_63 Genting_650_64 Genting_650_65 Genting_650_66 Genting_650_68 Genting_650_62 Genting_650_70 Genting_650_71 genting_part2_650_20 Genting_650_72

After a delicious dinner, we went to explore the resort ourselves. They have indoor themepark for kids. We went around shopping. I see lots of customers going casino to try their luck~ I went to my favourite cafe - Bakery for my favourite Hot Chocolate. I went back to rest and look forward to try Resorts World Genting's In-house Original Gelato brand tomorrow. Genting_650_97 Genting_650_98 Genting_650_96 Genting_650_74 Genting_650_73

~Day 3~ After having a good night rest, we had a quick breakfast and went to try the Gelato!~ Wow the lovely creamy looking colorful gelato waiting for us! Here we come~

~Genting In-House Gelato~
Opening Hours 10am to 10pm (Daily)
My Rating (4 out of 5)
Quick Review: So colorful! The look of it is already so appetising. The texture is so creamy and smooth. Remind me of the gelato I had in Italy and Switzerland~ Their ice cream ingredients are imported from Italy!~ The lower percentage of fat is another great point of the ice cream and it is sterilised by the UHT method. It also has no added colours, preservatives and additives. A key ingredient to the awesome gelato is the best quality milk product that they are using. We get to even try to design our own ice cream. Look at my 3 colours heart shaped ice cream. So Dreamy!
Genting_Part3_650_3 Genting_650_76 Genting_650_78 Genting_650_77 Genting_650_79 Genting_650_80 Genting_650_100 Genting_650_105 Genting_650_106 Genting_650_107 Genting_650_108 Genting_650_92 Genting_650_93

Time Flies~ Our weekend trip is coming to an end!~ We made our way back from Genting to Singapore. We had our dinner and my favourite Honey Sweet Potato and Chestnuts. Home Sweet Home!~ For people living in Singapore, you can consider our trip as a reference for a weekend trip to Genting. Genting_650_95 Genting_Part3_650_1 Genting_Part3_650_2

Thanks to Resorts World Genting for making this trip possible. Special Thanks to Eric and Wei En for hosting us too. For more enquiries, you can check out their website at Genting_650_113

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