Alfero Gelato is offering a new range of gelato with a novel ingredient: allulose. It is a substitute that tastes and performs much like the real thing but with a tenth of the calories and none of the cavity-causing, insulin-spiking drawbacks. Simply awesome for people who want to cut back from sugar. Especially everyone is working from home. This is a happier healthier indulgence in the comforts of our home. ~Allulose comes from Mother Nature. Small amounts of this low-calorie “sugar” are naturally found in figs, raisins, and maple syrup. Great discovery. We can still enjoy a good pint of gelato and/or sorbet in ALLULOSE, LOW-CALORIES, KETO-FRIENDLY style.

Alfero Gelato is 96% FAT FREE! Made with free-range fresh milk, egg yolk, fresh fruits and other high quality ingredients. I love their gelato. It is Very Rich, Creamy & Smooth! There are 7 flavours: durian, vanilla, hazelnut, Pistachio, Bacio, Dark Chocolate, Mango (sorbet ~ dairy-free). Our favourite is Pistachio and Mango. Pistachio is very creamy. Mango is definitely refreshing. Especially great for Hot weather. Bacio and Dark chocolate will be great for chocolate lovers.

Recommended Dish(s) to tryMango Sorbet, Pistachio
Address80 Marine Parade Rd
Level 3 (inside Fairprice Xtra)
Singapore 449269
Contact No.+65 6241 3833
WebsiteView Website
Price Range (per pax):S$16-$30
Opening HoursMon to Sun: 9am to 10pm

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