6 Fun activities designed to understand more on Vehicles.

I decided to design a series of activities for vehicles as my boys love vehicles especially trucks and bus! Darius is a big fan of bus! Travis love a lot of vehicles including fire truck and etc.

Activities Overview

  1. Discuss about Vehicles
  2. Color-Matching School Bus
  3. Reading a book related to Vehicles (Including Scholastic Promotion)
  4. Doughplay – 车 (Car)
  5. Number Matching Vehicles
  6. Food Idea: Fruit Boat

ACTIVITY 1: Discuss about Vehicles

Learn about Vehicles

Discuss with your child about vehicles like police car, fire truck, dump truck and excavator.
Police Car: It is a vehicle used by police. They use it when they patrol the area or get to the place when incident happen.
Fire Truck: It has to carry firefighters and equipment to burning buildings.
Dump Truck: It is used to carry dumps like sand and gravel.
Excavator: It is used to dig in the ground or to move large objects.

You can download my “About Vehicles” Printable below

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