6 Fun activities designed to understand more on Easter.

This is the first time I am sharing activity ideas. I started playing and learning with my boys during Singapore Circuit Breaker Period. Travis is always excited and looked forward to the fun activities. I realised these activities are great to minimise screen time and can also learn through play. I decided to design a series of activities for Easter.

Activities Overview

  1. Discuss about Easter
  2. Finger Painting Easter Eggs
  3. Reading a book related to Easter (Including Scholastic Promotion)
  4. Doughplay – 兔 (Rabbit)
  5. Counting the no. of Easter Eggs
  6. Easter Food Idea: Easter Egg Sandwich

ACTIVITY 1: Discuss about Easter

Learn about Easter

Discuss with your child about Easter. Here is a video I found from YouTube to illustrate the story of Easter (View Video) Below is my simplified version for toddlers. “Easter is a celebration from Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus Christ (son of god) died and came back alive on this day. Easter Egg symbolises new life E.g. when the chick breaks the shell.”

You can download my “About Easter” Printable below

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