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Boost Reading skills, Develop Basic concepts, Widen Vocabulary and Improve fine motor skills.

1. Read your child’s favourite book. Baby Shark is my boys’ favourite! Catch the eStory – Baby Shark and the Colourful Balloons (Published by Pink Fong). You can also get the book at Continental Leisure Shop here

Story Time

Baby Shark finds some colourful balloons floating out of a treasure chest. Let’s find out what Baby Shark does with those balloons. There are 9 titles in this series:

  1. Baby Shark and the Colourful Balloons
  2. Red Riding Hood Baby Shark
  3. Police Sharks to the Rescue
  4. Baby Shark andthe Colours ofthe Ocean
  5. Grandpa Shark’s Hot Clam Buns
  6. Baby Shark and the Tooth Fairy
  7. Baby Shark and Little Pisces
  8. Grandma Shark’s Magic Wand
  9. The Shark Family Orchestra

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