The Line (Shangri-La Hotel)

The Line - Shangri-La Hotel ~ It has always been one of Singapore's favourite destinations for buffet lunches and dinners. The warm orange partnered with crisp white brighten the restaruant. Making it very cozy and inviting. It is very suitable for big family and friends gatherings. Great for special occasions like Baby Showers, Birthday Celebration and Corporate Events too. Some hits and Some misses. I especially enjoyed their satay, fresh salmon sashimi, laksa, latte and DESSERTS!

Sponsored Review: SleepWiz Luxiere™ 100% Silk Eye Mask

After Little Travis comes into my life, Sleep is a luxury item. There are many many sleepless nights. Hence, most of the time I always feel tired in the morning. I will try to take afternoon naps during weekends. Usually, I am a sound sleeper but there are times where it is hard to fall asleep too. Like when I feel like having a nap in the afternoon and it is a bit too bright. There will be times that I fell asleep but it is not a restful sleep. An EYE MASK will be useful in such situations. Sleep Wiz offers eye masks that can mimic perfect nighttime conditions so that our body can enjoy proper, restorative sleep in the day. It can help us to sleep soundly even in brightly lit environments.

Maru (Tanjong Pagar: Icon Village)

MARU (TANJONG PAGAR)~ A contemporary fusion restaurant hidden in Icon Village. It offers innovative appealing dishes. It is also less than 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar Mrt (East-West Line). They are great for casual after-work drinks and group gatherings. The office warriors will love this to have a break from the hectic work. A charming uniquely designed interior which was inspired by street scenes of the Old Quarter of Hanoi. We especially enjoy the UNI IKURA BOWL and WAGYU BEEF DON.


This is my first time I made FRUIT PUFF PASTRY! I have used frozen pastry sheet to reduce time and effort. Surprisingly, it is pretty easy and successful. My family love it!

Labyrinth (Esplanade)

LABYRINTH (ESPLANADE)~ An Instagram-Worthy restaurant that offers a mind-blowing dining experience especially to the locals. The popular local dishes are all transformed into a totally different form. It is very CREATIVE. A restaurant with interiors designed in dark shades. It looks quite stylish and cozy. We especially enjoy the HOKKAIDO SCALLOP and INDONESIAN PORK BELLY.

Recipe: Roast Pork

This is my first time I am sharing my mum recipe! She has been cooking for many many years. My mum is always a creative good cook and always attempt new dishes. She also got strong persistence to try till it tastes right for us. This is the latest recipe for her Homemade Roast Pork.

Hyang To Gol (Raffles City)

HYANG TO GOL (RAFFLES CITY)~ This outlet is very accessible as it is located right above City Hall Mrt. Great Location. After having a meal, still can go shopping. The outlet is attractive and comforting. We especially enjoyed the Ginseng Chicken Soup. The portion is very generous. The soup was flavourful and the chicken was moist and tender.

Dessert Recipe: Bo Bo Cha Cha

This is my first time cooking Bo Bo Cha Cha dessert. Surprisingly, it is not as difficult as I thought and I feel it is more delicious than some of the ones I bought outside. What I like about home cooked meals is you get to customised it to your preference. How sweet you like. How much of the ingredients you like. Like I prefer Taro more I add more Taro. It is great dessert to end a beautiful family meal.
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