Genting. Wow it’s been super duper long since I last been to Genting. It was so many years ago. We took a coach ride early in the morning and went on easter day. The whole place is super packed! Genting also don’t seems as cold as last time but the weather is still good. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people smoking indoors. Not very conducive for non-smokers.


Address: Lobby Floor, Genting Grand Hotel
They served fresh pastries, cakes and sandwiches. Nice place to have a tea break. Their hot chocolate is served with chocolate sticks that you can just mix into the hot milk. The chocolate will melt into the hot milk. The taste of the hot chocolate is not very fantastic but I like the way they served it.

~Good Friends~

Address: Level 2, Maxims Hotel
Dim Sum Time! We wanted to eat dim sum and finally get to try this place at our last morning there. It was quite crowded when we reached there. Their dim sum is not bad. The liu sha bao is quite popular. Hot and creamy filling. Yummy!

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