Learning Mandarin. Cultivate moral values and build emotional intelligence

A Book related to moral values and emotional intelligence.

1. Read aloud with your child on a chinese book related to moral values and emotional intelligence. Alternatively, I have also prepared a book review activity.

Book Review Activity

1. Catch the eStory – 脏兮兮的小男孩 (Written by Rattana Kodchanat and Illustrated by Lalana Manussirikiat and Published by Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.). This book is great for kids who don’t like to clean themselves. It is a very creative way to let kids understand the consequences if they do not maintain their personal hygiene. He will learn that it is very important to shower, brush teeth and wash hair. It is beautifully illustrated and kept my boy’s interest high throughout the entire book!
You can also get Pelangi Books at Continental Leisure Shopee Shop. Read my review here.

2. Questions for Parents to ask

  • Do you like the dirty little boy in the book?
  • The boy does not like to pack up the toys he played. Do you think his behaviour is correct?
  • Do you brush teeth, shower and shampoo your hair daily?

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