One of Asia’s largest annual events that champion and celebrate young creators.

Taobao Maker Festival (TMF) is one of Asia’s largest annual events that champion and celebrate young creators. Held in Shanghai from July 17 to 25, this year marks TMF’s sixth edition, which is themed “The Lost Treasure” and features a treasure hunt-cum-escape room set. The festival will shine a spotlight on more than a hundred Taobao merchants in a 30,000-square-meter “Treasure Chamber” – as large as 60 basketball courts – designed with oriental steampunk and fantasy motifs, allowing visitors to explore a grand array of futuristic concepts, quirky creations, and novel designs by Taobao’s very own youth makers.

Resin Coasters

I am excited to participate in the Resin Coasters Workshop arranged by Taobao. I always love resin art. They look so beautiful. I had some worries if my coasters will turn out alright a not as I have no prior experience haha. The workshop was very detailed and it awakes my creativity. Haha I would say my coasters are beautiful in my eyes. It is really important to empower creation and innovation. I would never have thought I would be able to make these at the first attempt. Luckily, I take the step out of my comfort zone and get the creative juices flowing. I just start the marbling with not much plan of how it will look at the end and just add colors as I wish. Eventually, I made these beautiful unique design coasters.

Let me show you some of the amazing innovative products that were showcased at the physical Taobao Maker Fair event in Shanghai.

Treadmill for PetsYesoul
This is so interesting. It is created for owners who were unable to take their pets out for their daily walks due to situations such as lockdowns or extreme weather. Sound good for pet owners in Singapore as we need to stay home more often these days. Maybe they should have a kid’s version. The treadmill has a variety of high-tech, user-friendly features, including an automatic feeder to reward the pet, a remote control to operate the treadmill, and a smart sensor system to shut down when not in use after a while.
Customers have shared how their pets were able to burn off excess calories, get better quality sleep, and ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing after using the treadmill!

IMAX TentThe Free Spirits
Wow outdoor cinematic experience! Reimagine your home entertainment spaces by projecting movies onto the tent! It can actually be fashioned to be as spacious as a living room; the brand’s largest tent is as wide as 3 beds and can accommodate up to 20 people. Great for people who love camping but still want to enjoy movies.

Pixel screen backpackDivoom Flagship Store
It is showcased at TMF for the first time this year. It has in-built RGB flexible pixel screens and 256 LED light beads, and allows users to personalise the display image on their backpacks using a mobile application. So Cool! You can have a unique design bag!

It is a dedicated workstation for our feline friends especially if their pet cats love to crawl onto their laptops while working from home. It comes with a scratch pad as a mousepad and a ball hidden under a “keyboard” so they can accompany their owners as they work. So Cool!

Matchbox HanfuMeiji Original Hanfu
This Hanfu weighs as light as a feather – just 24g! It can be folded to fit into a tiny matchbox. It is made of silk and Gambiered Canton gauze. Itwas inspired by the image of a plain, unlined gauze gown that was unearthed from a Han Dynasty tomb at the Mawangdui excavation site in China, which is the thinnest piece of hanfu discovered to date.

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