Wa Cafe (Chinatown Point)

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  • Japanese Matcha & Ogura Honey Toast
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Contact Information
Address:#B1-51, Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059413
Contact No.: +65 6818 8851
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$16 – S$30

Opening Hours
(Daily) 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Wa Cafe~ I have passed by this cafe numerous times. The dessert "Japanese Matcha & Ogura Honey Toast" always looks so so attractive on their display. It reminds me of the wonderful thick toast I had in Beijing. Wa Cafe's version of the thick toast is good to fix my this "long-distance" thick toast craving. :) wa_cafe_entrance
This cafe is very cozy with different kinds of comfortable sofa seating. There weren't many customers around even though it was dinner time. Chinatown Point does have a lot of F&B tenants. Guess the competition is stiff. wa_cafe_ambience1 wa_cafe_ambience2
The staff are quite attentive to our needs. I guess without a crowd it is usually easier to get better service.
~Omu Rice Demi-Glace Sauce (S$15.80)~
I love omu rice which is omelette with fried rice. I am always an egg lover excluding hard boiled eggs. They did it pretty well. The omelette was a bit runny and soft. Cutting through it and reveal the fried rice. The fried rice was not exactly very fragrant but it did goes well with the Demi-Glace sauce.
~Japanese Neapolitan Pasta (S$15.80)~
Neapolitan pasta is a tomato-based pasta. The tomato taste was a bit too strong for me. I like it the way they serve the pasta as well as the omu rice as they place them on a hot metal plate. It really help to keep the dish warm while eat them.
~Japanese Matcha & Ogura Honey Toast (S$17.80) This dessert is actually more expensive than their main courses. I guess it is really kind of too pricy for a dessert. However, I really like their toast. The ice cream, red beans, and honey all complement each other well. I think it is a good dessert to share with friends and family.
We ordered the following:
- Omu Rice Demi-Glace Sauce (S$15.80)
- Japanese Neapolitan Pasta (S$15.80)
- Japanese Matcha & Ogura Honey Toast (S$17.80)
They have cozy ambience and gives a good chill place to relax and chat with friends or have a nice quiet meal alone. It is located in Chinatown Point which is at Chinatown MRT station.
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