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Trick Eye Museum Singapore (trickeye.com) brings the amazing optical art from Korea to the shores of Singapore. Previously, we can only admire my friends' interesting illusions pictures when they had their fun in the Trick Eye Museum at Korea. Now we can also have the same fun and excitement in Singapore! We are brought closer to the amazing art through the use of optical illusions. They have their suggested pose beside the painting for your reference. We can also use our creative imagination to capture all these moments in our own unique memorable pictures. Recently in May 2017, Trick Eye Museum Singapore has added a new dimension of fun and excitement by having this Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App. With their proprietary AR technology, the paintings are coming to life. There are sound, lights and special effects. Visitors can use the AR Mobile app to take video and pictures.

Many thanks to Trick Eye Museum Singapore for inviting our family. We all wore RED! Haha My favourite color especially for phototaking! A very vibrant color! We were all ready for mind-bending and fun filled photo taking experience.

My family love the time there! Got our creative juices flowing to create every memorable photographs for our family! I am sure my baby Travis who is just 8 months old, will love to see all these heart warming family moments when he grew up. Amazing family destination for all ages! There are 6 themed zones (Mystery, Excitement, Supernatural, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, and Trick World).
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This year, Trick Eye Musuem Singapore introduced the Augmented Reality (AR) features to a lot of their exhibits. The AR features will bring its art installations and paintings to life. It is so amazing and fun to watch the painting coming alive. We can take pictures with a lot of magical animals. Although you cannot see them in real, you can easily capture them using the Trick Eye App. Thats the interesting thing with the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. We took pictures and videos with Tiger, Elephant, Dinosaur, Snake and etc. The pictures look so real as if the animals are really there.
Trickeye_650_5 Trickeye_650_10 Trickeye_650_12 Trickeye_650_13 Trickeye_650_16 Trickeye_650_18 Trickeye_650_19

You can also even take videos and watch the amazing special effects.

Enjoy capturing all your family memorable moments!~ I am sure your loved ones will love the experience at Trick Eye Museum (Sentosa).
Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Trick Eye Museum Singapore (trickeye.com) for latest details.

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