Invited Tasting: The Lawn at Shenton

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Olive Rice
  • Sauce: Me So Spicy
  • Grill Topping: Ben’s Beef Rub
Where to Next
  • Harry’s for a drink
Contact Information
Address:8 Shenton Way,#B1-11, AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Contact No.: +65 6534 8749
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$1-$15

Opening Hours
10:30-21:00 (Mon – Fri)

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

The lawn has recently opened a new outlet at Shenton Way. I have walked past the Lawn so many times and always wanted to try but never had a chance. To be honest, I am not a very salad person but I was really attracted to their concept of customizing the salad and pairing with grilled toppings. What a super coincidence! I was actually invited to a food tasting session. Finally, the day has come for me to try the place out.
The lawn has an indoor seating and shared an outdoor seating with the rest of the F&B establishments. The indoor seating is simple, brightly lit and gives a casual light-hearted feel to it. It gives the CBD customers a good escape from their formal office space to another world. A good break from work! As it opens till 9pm, it is a good place for the people to have their dinner before they continue their overtime in office.
They have a check list for customers to tick their orders and pass to the service staff. The instructions are pretty clear. I would suggest the "Takeaway" option to be position closer to the other options in the section. There are plenty of choices so many that it will really take some time to pick for the first time. The service staff are young and friendly. This also further enhances the vibrant atmosphere.
I tried the following:
~Salad~ salad
I have chosen 5 toppings: Sliced Egg, Bell Peppers, Tomato, Green Apples and Sunflower Seeds! So colorful! It just immediately brightens up my night. They are so so fresh as well! As I munch, it just make me feel so healthy!
~Dressings~ sauce
I am so happy to get to try the various dressing! They are all the lawn's own creation! Thumbs up! It will definitely make their salad more unique and exotic! I love the "Me So Spicy" sauce. It is made up of fresh chilli, sambal belachan and mint. It reminds me of Tom yum! Can you imagine tom yum sauce with salad? It is definitely very appetizing for Chilli Lovers. I don't quite like the Maple Peanut. It is made up of Maple syrup, peanut butter and red wine vinaigrette. It is like a light peanut butter liquid. Ewks. With their wide variety of dressing, I am sure there is a sauce suitable for you.
~Olive Rice~ olive_rice
The olive rice is so fragrant. It is the asian type of olive rice. The best part it is not oily so it still feel healthy and definitely a great choice for the rice lovers! It still comes with a side salad. So for people that is not so into salad, this is a good alternative as you have best of both worlds.
~The Grills~ beef_rub chicken dory_fish
The important part is the pairing of the grills to the salad. As I already mentioned I am not a big fan of salad that just only comprises of vegetables. The grilled meat/ fish are definitely a plus. It makes the salad even more flavorful and yet not compromising on the healthy feel to it. I love the Ben's Beef Rub the most! It is very tender and juicy. The grilled chicken and fish are also pretty good but the beef is the winner! Guess I am a bit bias as I am a beef lover. I heard the prawns are also really good.
~Coffee~ coffee
The design on the coffee is pretty interesting. It looks like a swan or a flower to me. Just let your imagination runs. The coffee is good. It looks like a good place to chill in the afternoon with a nice coffee. Unfortunately, I didn't had a chance to try their desserts. I will definitely go back again.
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