Invited Tasting: Thai Boat Noodles

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Tom Yam Fried Rice
  • Boat Noodles Soup
Where to Next
  • Shopping at Sheng Siong Supermarket
  • Shopping at Bedok Mall
Contact Information
Address: 799 New Changi Road, #02-32/34 Bedok Point, Singapore 467351
Contact No.: +65 64459932
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$1 - S$15

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 11:30am to 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10:30am to 10pm
Last order: 9:30pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Thai Boat Noodle – Always One Dollar at Bedok Point~ New Kid on the Bedok Point. They are just opened on 22nd Jan 2015. The interesting thing about them is they serve small bowls of different thai boat noodles at only S$1 or S$1.50. First thought in my mind how "big" bowl would that be. 3-4 mouths of noodles would clear the bowl. They have 4 varieties (Mini Boat Noodle Dry/ Soup Version, Tom Yam Noodle and Spicy Pork noodle). This mean you can just order different varieties to try. You can order some side dish to go with or their other thai speciality. Their Tom Yam Fried Rice is amazing. I shall leave to later to give you the details. Most importantly, I would like to give thanks for the invite to the tasting. It was enjoyable experience especially I get to meet other foodies too. thai_boat_noodles_entrance_1 thai_boat_noodles_entrance_2
I love the little bird cage like lightings that they have. They brightly lit up the place. As Chinese New Year was coming, they also had some Chinese New Year decorations to welcome festival. The place is not very big but it manage to hold several big groups. The seats were not that comfy. Perhaps some seat cushions would make it much better. thai_boat_noodles_ambience_3 thai_boat_noodles_ambience2
Door Gift was the Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste (6.40 for 8 pcs)
They have displayed them in little gift boxes. You can peek into the box and see the Fruity Yellow Bean Paste. Aren't they adorable? They taste yummy too. Not too sweet. Just right for me.
~Tom Yam Fried Rice (S$7.80)~
thai_boat_noodles_tomyam_fried_rice_1 thai_boat_noodles_tomyam_fried_rice_2
They have fried the rice with Tom Yam Paste, Mix Vegetable, Prawn and served with Cucumber and Tomato. Awww. This dish surprisingly it is the winner for me! The rice was bursting with Tom Yam fragrance. It is spicy. So for non-spicy lovers, please take note of this. I totally love this dish. It is a bit too spicy for me but I will just down more water to eat this. The prawns was fresh and crunchy. The presentation was colourful and lovely. The staff told me that the tom yam paste was made by themselves. Nom nom nom~
~Crispy Chicken Skin S$4.80 ~ thai_boat_noodles_crispy_chicken_skin_1 thai_boat_noodles_crispy_chicken_skin_2
Woah. The name definitely sound potent haha. Fried Seasoned Chicken Skin. Usually I am always trying to remove the skin away from the chicken meat. I still tried. Forget about the sinfulness. This week exercise more haha. It is very crispy and it goes very well with their home made chilli.
~Thai Boat Noodles Soup Version S$1~ thai_boat_noodles_soup_1 thai_boat_noodles_soup_2
It come with rice noodles, pork ball, bean sprout, kang kong and pork broth. Traditionally, I understand that pigs' blood is use to make thai boat noodles. But they have change it using their own secret recipe. Cool. I have never tried the traditional version. I will keep in mind when I go Bangkok in future. This dish reminds me of the Vietnamese Beef Noodles which is also my favourite. This is the WINNER for me among the 4 varieties of Thai noodles that served. You can add their sauces (chilli, peanuts and etc) to further customise to your liking. I cleared the entire bowl. It was about 3 to 4 mouths for me.
~Thai Boat Noodles Dry Version S$1~ thai_boat_noodles_dry_1 thai_boat_noodles_dry_2
It is similar to the soup version. It come with their home made thai black sauce instead of pork broth. I prefer the soup version. I guess the soup version seem to be more flavourful.
~Spicy Pork Noodle S$!~ thai_boat_noodles_spicy_pork_noodle
This also cost S$1. It is glass noodles with pork ball, minced pork meat, cucumber, onion, tomato and chinese parsley. Woah this is spicy and very sour. It feel very appetising. The sauce remind me of green mango salad. Very appetising. But still the Thai Boat Noodles Soup version goes better with me.
~Tom Yam Noodle S$1.50~ thai_boat_noodles_tom_yam_noodle
This bowl is a bit more expensive. It cost $S1.50. It come with Rice Noodle, Prawn, Fish Slice, Bean Sprout, Tomato Wedge, Kang Kong and Tom Yam Soup. I thought the tom yam soup seem a bit too bland. Not as flavourful as the ones I love.
~Coconut Pandan Jelly (S6.40 for 4 pcs) and Thai Milk Tea $3.00~ thai_boat_noodles_pandan_jelly_1 thai_boat_noodles_pandan_jelly_2 thai_boat_noodles_thai_iced_tea
I like the Thai Pandan Jelly as it taste refreshing. They have also wrapped it so lovely. Thai Milk tea is also good. Feels pretty authentic as it reminds me of the ones that I had in Bangkok
I have tried the following:
- Tom Yam Fried Rice (S$7.80)
- Crispy Chicken Skin (S$4.80)
- Thai Boat Noodles Dry/ Soup version (S$1)
- Spicy Pork Noodle (S$1)
- Tom Yam Noodle (S$1.50)
- Thai Pandan Jelly (S$6.40 for 4 pcs)
- Thai Fruity Yellow Bean Paste (S$6.40 for 8 pcs)
The Tom Yam Fried Rice and Thai Boat Noodles Soup version are the winners for me. The restaurant is about 7-10 minutes walk from Bedok MRT station. Hence, it is pretty accessible. I think they are good for casual dining with your family, friends and partner.
If you are interested in eating challenges, do take part in their thai noodle eating competition which they host it once every 3 months. The individual who can eat the most Thai noodle bowls within 15 minutes each week will move on to the finals and win a prize. (iPhone 6 for March 2015 Winner). Guess what. On 14 Feb, someone actually ate 58 bowls! Awesome! Do check the details with them if you are interested to join. Good Luck!~

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