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Old Chang Kee (OldChangeKee.com) was established in 1956. It has been famous for its delicious curry puffs! I often thought of Old Chang Kee when I have craving for curry puffs! It is also halal certified. All production processes and facilities are certified with HACCP and Halal standards. Great for our Muslim friends!

Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally a harvest festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. It is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Traditionally, family and friends will gather and celebrate this festival. It is a popular tradition to eat mooncakes during this festival.
At this Mid- Autumn Festival 2017, Old Chang Kee launches four new mini mooncake flavours for us to celebrate this festival with our family and loved ones. All 4 flavors are filled with a savoury salted egg yolk. They also complement the savoury salted egg with sweet Red lotus, White Lotus, Charcoal Skin with Black Sesame and Matcha Skin with Pandan. It also come with a lovely exquisite gift bag and a complimentary sachet of tea leaves. I love to have a hot tea with my mooncakes. What a perfect free gift for the mooncakes! You can choose any four mini mooncakes in any flavours at S$28.80! They are available from from 8 Sep to 4 Oct 2017 at selected Old Chang Kee, Curry Times and Bun Times outlets. Many thanks to Old Chang Kee for the lovely mooncakes! They are not too oily and not too sweet too. My favourite is the Matcha Skin with Pandan as it have hints of the the fragrant green tea with hints of pandan.
Old_Chang_Kee_650_4 Old_Chang_Kee_650_2 Old_Chang_Kee_650_1 Old_Chang_Kee_650_3

Enjoy this 4 Mini Mooncakes Flavours with Salted Egg Yolk at S$28.80. You can even share it with our Muslim Friends!
- Red Lotus
- White Lotus
- Charcoal Skin with Black Sesame
- Matcha Skin with Pandan
There is free local delivery when you order 35 sets or more! For orders below 35 sets, there will be a surcharge of $30. For orders and enquiries, please contact (65)6555 0055 during office hours or (65) 9800 3532 after office hours or email catering@oldchangkee.com Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Old Chang Kee (OldChangeKee.com) for latest details.

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