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After delivering my little Prince Travis to our world, I understand that I will be very "weak" as I have lost large amounts of "energy" and blood based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. I did not want to hire a confinement lady as I heard from my friends of their issues with their confinement ladies. Afterall, it is still living with a stranger for a month long. The lifestyle and beliefs might be different and create conflicts. I heard of the new trend of ordering confinement meals. I think this is a great solution as this will save my family a lot of effort of cooking and cleaning for me. My family may understand the benefits of the confinement meals but they may not be able to prepare it properly due to lack of experience in cooking confinement meals.
Many thanks to RichFood Catering for the delectable, healthy and quality (NO MSG) confinement meals. They deliver straight to my doorsteps and ready to eat. RichFood Catering published their confinement meal menu. They have a Week 1, Week A, Week B and Week C menu. You will start with Week 1 menu for 7 days (unless otherwise stated) and followed by Week A, B or C menu (depending on the menu that they are running on at that time).
You can take a look at their menu here. You can also check out the pictures on my Confinement Meal Twin-Meals Package (28 days) in my instagram here.

When they deliver for the first time, they ensure that you answer the door to confirm that they deliver to the right location. They leave a hook at the door and also provide a food warmer bag. Subsequently, they will just ring the door bell and leave the bag of food on the hook at your door. The dishes are warm in disposable microwavable containers when they arrived. If I want to eat them later, I can simply heat them up using my microwave oven. I can easily save the hassle of washing plates. However, I prefer to heat up using my own plates. It is up to your own preference. Nevertheless, I already save a lot of efforts cooking and washing all the pots and pans to cook the dishes.
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You can make special requests like No (Pig's Liver/ Pig's Trotter/ Frog's Leg) and No (Chicken/ Egg) for second week. I requested not to have chicken and egg for 2nd week. Their portions are generous. Almost like for 2 persons. Sometime my hubby can just cook 1 more dish E.g. Steam Fish and share the meal with me. It is already good for both of us.
Due to seasonal nature of vegetable and product availability, they may change the menu without notice. After you made the order with them, you can just inform them 1 - 2 days (before 5.00 pm) at +65 6261 4600 (between 8.00am to 5.00pm) to commence the delivery of meals.
They use a lot of ginger in their dishes. If your baby has jaundice, you may like to be careful not to eat the ginger in the dishes. Their longan red date tea is not too sweet. Just right for me!
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They offers a good variety of soup. They also have the popular Sheng Hua Soup (生化汤)which is a traditional Chinese herbal formula consumed by Asian women right after delivery. It is supposed to aid in the expulsion of toxins, the discharge of lochia and the revitalization of Qi and blood. It has a bitter after taste but still acceptable. I enjoyed their soups and they use a lot of herbs in it. Feel very nutritious!

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The meat dishes are usually tender and flavorful. There are some repeated dishes. Some hits and misses as it is always based on own preference for the dishes. I enjoyed the cod fish the most. They also have pork ribs with black vinegar. A refreshing change. Great for ladies who find pig trotters fattening.

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I like it that they do have a lot of green vegetables dishes. I will enjoy the stir fried pumpkin more if it is softer as I always prefer soft pumpkin. I love the Stir Fried Black Fungus dish. Crunchy and Tasty. Black Fungus is rich in protein and vitamins.

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I think ordering confinement meals is a great solution as this will save my family a lot of effort of cooking and cleaning for me. The confinement meals by RichFood Catering are delicious and nutritious. I especially enjoyed the herbal soups, steamed cod fish, Pork Ribs with Black Vinegar.
RichFood Catering published their confinement meal menu. You can take a look at their menu here. You can also check out the pictures on my Confinement Meal Twin-Meals Package (28 days) in my instagram here.

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Enjoy 3% discount on the twin meals (14 days, 20 days and 28 days) and single meal (28 days) on top of their current promotion and early bird discount by indicating 'ELY2017' at the special requests field when placing order online.

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