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Baby Care Room. A room that I never care about in the past. Now it feels so important especially for new parents like me. Whenever I visit a shopping mall, I will take note of the location of the Baby Care Room. A mall with a baby care room became my preferred choice to go to. A well-equipped one will have an advantage over the rest when I am picking my shopping destination. I will keep this post updated whenever I discover more baby care rooms in Singapore. So do always come back and check for more updates.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will answer to my best knowledge.

Check out the baby care rooms in Singapore:

Tiong Bahru Plaza
One of my favourite Baby Care Rooms. Newly renovated Tiong Bahru Plaza has baby care room at their B1, L1, L2 and L3. It is well equipped with Hot Water, Cold Water, Tissue Paper, hand sanitizer and Liquid Soup There is also a comfortable arm chair with electric socket for nursing the baby or pumping milk.

Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_14 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_13 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_12 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_11

Great World City
A spacious Baby Care Room that can allow 3 babies to be changed concurrently. It is equipped with Hot Water, Tissue Paper and Liquid Soap. They also have a spacious nursing room with nice arm chair and electric socket inside the Baby Care Room.

Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_3 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_2 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_20 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_19

A cozy baby care room with all the lovely Ikea Decorations. There are also vending machines for Baby Diaper and Baby Bed Liner. It is equipped with Hot Water, Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Soap.

Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_4 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_7 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_6Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_8

Resorts World Sentosa
A very very spacious and simple Baby Care Room. They also have nursing room available with power socket. It would be nicer if they provide hot water.

Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_16 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_17 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_18

Vivo City
A simple Baby Care Room that has big mirrors and transparent doors. I thought it would be better if the door is not transparent to give more privacy to the nursing mummies. It is equipped with Hot Water, Toilet Paper and Liquid Soap.

Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_9 Singapore_Baby_Care_Room_650_15

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