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Recently I am trying hard to keep to a more healthy lifestyle. Trying to sleep earlier and Eating home cooked food. However, I am already deadbeat when I reach home after a long day at work. Hence, I will always make do with simple recipes like oven baked salmon, wanton soup, fish soup. All Healthy and Easy to Cook Dishes. SalmonNoodles

I chanced upon Kuriya Fish Market at Rakuten Shopping site. Cool! I always hear from friends buying clothes from Rakuten. Now I realise I can actually get fresh and good quality seafood from Rakuten. Best of all, I realise I can also earn 6% cash back from the purchases I made on Rakuten. Sound like some credit card promotion HAHA! It is actually this website "ShopBack". You can check out ShopBack. This is where you can get cash back from Rakuten. Awesome! I decided to try it out.
Some pictures and quick steps for your reference. Shopback_13 Shopback_14 Shopback_1 Shopback_15
I sign up using my facebook account. Save the hassle to enter all the information.
Some points to note:
  • You cannot use any bank-related voucher codes or codes not provided by ShopBack during your purchase.
  • You cannot make the order via the mobile app
  • You must use the member checkout
  • You must complete the purchase in the same browser window
Basically, I feel just launch your laptop/computer browser, login to your Rakuten account and make your purchase within the same browser. I was delighted to find that Kuriya Fish Market is selling Chilean Atlantic Salmon Fillet (For Cooking) 1.2KG for S$26.91 and the reviews look great. Salmon is always my favourite fish for cooking. I choose to self collect at 32 Tai Seng Street, RE&S Building, #01-01, Singapore 533972. They also have delivery options. Shopback_4 Shopback_25 Shopback_9
We make our way to collect the salmon at their office when the order is ready. Wow! They pack the frozen salmon so nicely in a big brown box with ice inside. Salmon Feast! Salmon Soup, Teriyaki Salmon~ Yummy~ Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and great source of various nutrients.
Self-Collection_5 Self-Collection_6 Self-Collection_8 Self-Collection_10 Self-Collection_12 Self-Collection_14
Now BEST part is the cashback. I am so happy! Indeed, my cash back appear in the ShopBack Account. Now, I just need to wait patiently for the cashback to be redeemable. Then I can request for a cash out to my Paypal account or my bank account. Cashback
Enough about Rakuten~ I noticed that there are also other popular shops like ASOS, Zalora and of course MY All Time Favourite GROUPON. Get GroupOn cashback here. Popular_Stores
I can't wait to try on the other stores and get my cash back from the purchases~

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