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Shepherd's pie is a meat pie with a crust or topping of mashed potato. It originated from United Kingdom. The meat is cooked in a gravy with onions and vegetables, like peas and carrots. It is topped with a layer of mashed potato with grated cheese.

Shepherd's Pie Singapore (shepherdspie.sg) started in 2011. They were trying to get some Shepherd’s Pies for a Christmas party but they were unable to get it during then as Shepherd’s Pies weren’t so popular. Eventually, they started researching some recipes, and made their own Shepherd’s Pies! Now, they have decided to share their passion with the rest of Singapore and bring to us their version of Shepherd’s Pies! Shepherd’s Pies are great for friends and family gatherings/ office parties. With Christmas around the corner, do consider them for your Christmas gatherings!

They have 2 flavors (Beef & Chicken) in 3 sizes (cupcake size, Medium - 9×5 inches and Massive - 9x9 inches). Their pies are baked fresh so they have to be ordered one day in advance. Their Shepherd’s Pies will be freshly delivered hot! I like to heat up in the oven for about 10 mins before serving to my guests. It is a great comfort food and sharing dish during family and friends gatherings.
Hidden under the thick layer of cheesy and creamy smooth mashed potato, is the flavourful meat filling with hints of spiciness. The filling is a mixture of minced meat with green pea, corn, and carrot. The vegetable cubes gave a different touch of textures to the filling. The beef pie is slightly more spicy/ peppery than the chicken pie. My little Travis also love the smooth creamy mashed potato. The massive and medium size are good for sharing among 4 persons and 2 persons respectively.
The cute little cupcake size is also great for gatherings, parties and events especially if you have a large group. No need to wait for each other to scoop the Shepherd’s Pie as well as no need to prepare plates to scoop it in. Just take and go. They also offer free delivery with a minimum spend of S$80.

Above information is for reference only. Hop on to The Shepherd's Pie (shepherdspie.sg) for more information.

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