Seoul Yummy

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  • Army Stew
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Contact Information
Address:6, Eu Tong Sen Street, 03-92, Singapore 059817
Contact No.: +65 6227 8802
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$16-$30

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00-23:00

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Seoul Yummy. It sound like So Yummy. I quite like them when they open few years ago. However, I stopped going there when there was once I had a bad food poisoning and suspected it was due to their dessert. I wasn't sure that it was really due to them. After many years, I decided to give them another try as we wanted an early dinner at The Central and there weren't many restaurants that open before 6pm for dinner.
The place is quite crowded considering we went there for dinner before 6pm. The customers were mainly couples or friends gathering. It was small and cozy. It was conducive for chit chatting with friends.
The service was slow and they look short handed. We had wait for quite some time to get our bill. I think some of the staff couldn't understand English too.
We ordered the army’s stew combo for 2 pax (S$49.90).
~Side Dishes~ seoul_yummy_appetizers
The side dishes were quite so so. A lot of the other restaurants fare better than them at this. Only the Ikan Bilis are more acceptable. The rest not very nice.
~Fish Pancake~ seoul_yummy_fish_pancake
It is like pan-fried thin slices of fish coated with egg. I didn't expect the pancakes to be like that. Guess I was too used to the pancakes to be coated with flour as well. The taste was ok and not too bad.
~Army's stew (Beef)~ seoul_yummy_army_stew
The stew was quite nice. There were quite a lot of ingredients and we couldn't finish all of it. The soup was pretty flavourful. There was quite a lot of beef and luncheon meat. Its been long since I had luncheon meat as I always feel it is a sinful food.
~Multi-Grain Rice~ seoul_yummy_multi-grain_rice
It seem quite new to me to eat multi-grain rice with Korean soup. Usually, we always have white rice to go with Korean soup. It was a healthy and refreshing change.
~Hot Patiook Dessert~ seoul_yummy_hot_patiook
It is like red bean paste fondue with heart shape marsh mallow. An exotic creation. I think it is like an overdue valentine day design. It was kind of too sweet for me as both the red bean and marsh mallow are sweet. I still prefer my usual chocolate fondue with fruits.
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