Sabio by the Sea (Sentosa Cove)

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Calamares a la plancha (Pan-fried calamari)
  • Paella de Pescado (Seafood Paella)
Where to Next
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Contact Information
Address:31 Ocean Way, #01-02, Singapore 098375 (Next to W Hotel Singapore)
Contact No.: +65 6690 7568
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$51-$100

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 to 22:00
Friday & Saturday: 12:00 to 00:00
Sunday: 10.30 to 22:00

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

I love to dine at sentosa cove as I get to see the yachts parking there quietly and swaying slightly to the waves. It gives me a relaxing laid back feeling. However, the place is not so convenient when it is raining. It was raining heavily and even though we all had umbrellas but we still caught some of the rain. Thought of trying this restaurant as already passed it numerous times. I wasn't too hungry so Tapas become a good choice.
I like the way they have design their restaurant. Fusing the spanish design features with contemporary elements. It is found in their art work graphics, carvings, lightings. It gives a friendly atmosphere. There are also some alfresco areas. Romantic and comfortable. Perfect for couples' romantic casual date.
The food is served swiftly. However, the menu was really terrible as they just clip the pages to a board. We found missing pages in the menu. There were a lot of festive promotions pages at the start of the menu which are not applicable for the day we went. We got lost trying to find the page for us to make our order. We understand from the staff that they checked their menu everyday. However, I guess they should fix the menu. Save the trouble for customers and their staff.
We had the following:
~Chorizo Picante (S$9)~ spicy_paprika_sausage bread
They have sliced the Spicy Paprika Sausage very thinly. The sausage was not too spicy. It complements well with the warm crispy bread.
~Paella de Pescado (S$25)~ paella_de_pescado
I am usually not a big fan of paella as sometime I have allergy reaction to it. The paella is really very fragrant. The paella is topped with Squid, Sea Bass, Mussels, Clams, and Shrimps. The seafood are very juicy. It was worth the risk of the allergy reaction. Fortunately, I did not had any allergy attack. Phew.
~Calamares a la plancha (S$12)~ pan-fried_calamari
The Pan-fried calamari is really very good as it is not too chewy not too soft. It is just NICE! Perfect!
~Vieiras en salsa de cava (S$16)~ sea_scallops
The Sea Scallops is cooked with sparkling white wine sauce. I was drinking the sauce like a soup. The scallops were soft and juicy. The sauce and the scallops complement each other perfectly.
~Almejas al Vino Blanco (S$15)~ clams
The clams is cooked well with white wine sauce. The sauce is so fragrant. Think the sauce is similar to the one that they cook with sea scallops.
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