The Royal Mail (The Ascott Raffles Place)

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  • Cherry Jubliee
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Contact Information
Address:Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, 2 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049247
Contact No.: +65 6509 3589
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31-$50

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri
  • Breakfast: 6.30am to 10.30am
  • Lunch: 12 noon to 3pm (last order 2.30pm)
  • Dinner: 6.30pm to 11pm (last order 10.30pm)
  • Breakfast: 7am to 11am
  • Lunch: Closed
  • Dinner: 6.30pm to 11pm (Last order 10.30pm)
Sun & Public Holidays
  • Breakfast: 7am to 11am
  • Lunch – Closed
  • Dinner – Closed

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

The Royal Mail. Interesting Name. I heard that it used to be the post office during Sir Stamford Raffles times. I was previously introduced to this place by my friend when he couldn't make it for the restaurant week appointment. Nice Ambience. It was a great choice and value for money. I decided to try them again this round for dinner in restaurant week.
It is a 60-seater establishment. I have walked by Ascott Raffles Place a few times. I didn't think much of the exterior. I think the interior actually looks very good. There is a flight of stairs that lead up to the restaurant entrance. I think there is a lift somewhere but I usually take the stairs. Helps to make me feel better before and after a good meal. Burn some calories. The place was brightly lit. I think it is good for couples, families and colleagues gathering. Located in Raffles Place, it would be a good location for lots of office occasions E.g. Birthdays, Welcomes and of course Farewells. royal_mail_ambience
Their service staff is pretty friendly. However, I think unfortunately they missed our bread. I was kind of hungry and the dishes has yet to arrive. So we were thick skin enough to ask for the bread. Otherwise, I think their service are ok. Perhaps restaurant week make them kind of more busy than usual.
I had the following
~Complimentary Bread~
Lovely Complimentary Bread. It was warm and fluffy. I always like warm bread. Make it softer.
~Carpaccio of Yellowfin Tuna & Swordfish~
Carpaccio of Yellowfin Tuna & Swordfish. The presentation looks nice. The fish were cuts into squares of white and pink. There is citrus flavor to it. However, it didn't appeal to me a lot.
~Pan-seared Snapper~
Fish. It always make me feel healthy with pan-seared fish. It was nicely cooked and fresh. Nothing to shout about though.
~Prime Ribs~
Prime Ribs:Classic Cut with Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Molten Blue Cheese, Pine nuts, Roast Whole Garlic, Yorkshire Pudding and Veal Jus. We topped another 20 dollars to get the prime ribs. It was quite good and cook to just right to what we like. However, I think there was too many Gristle (cartilage). It was quite hard to eat for certain portion to our dismay.
~Cherry Jubliee~
royal_mail_cherry_jubliee royal_mail_cherry_jubliee2
Cherry Jubliee. Cherry-Stewed Flambe with Kirsh, served with toasted brioche and Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream. It was an awesome presentation! They lit up a flame on the dessert. It was so cool. The cherry was super inflused with kirsh (clear, colorless fruit brandy).
~Trio of Desserts~
royal_mail_trio_dessert royal_mail_warm_ginger_pudding royal_mail_victoria_sponge royal_mail_cardamon_icecream
It is a set of 3 desserts. Warm Ginger Pudding, Cardamon (Indian Spice) Ice Cream. Victoria Sponge. It is a pretty sight with 3 different types of desserts. I prefer the Victoria Sponge as strawberries are always my favourite.
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