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I always love Rose as it always full of beautiful elegance. Do you know each rose color actually has a different meaning? Hence, it is important to know the meaning before you choose the rose so that you can right rose for the occasion! A perfect bouquet will be a great gift for Birthdays, Valentine Day, and other special occasions... Roses in different color have a different meaning. Like Red Rose means Love and Romance, White Rose means Innocence and Purity, Pink Rose convey gracefulness and admiration..
Many Thanks to Roses Only Singapore (rosesonly.com.sg) for the breath-taking charming cream roses!

Roses Only Singapore offers gift and flower delivery Singapore wide! They even offer same-day delivery Singapore wide! You simply place your order before 5pm Monday to Friday and 12pm on Saturday to ensure that you are eligible for this delivery option! Perfect for last minute gift! They offer the highest quality long stem roses ranging in sizes from single rose to 99-rose bouquets! The roses are delivered in exclusively designed gift boxes to keep the 60-80cm long stem roses protected and pristine! Foliage is never touched and thorns are not removed, so as to avoid plant trauma and prolong the life of the roses. Each bloom is well cared for in its own water sachet, ensuring the optimal condition within an arrangement. Every gift box comes with flower food and vase cleaner. I have never receive long stemmed roses. I am so impressed by the roses from Roses Only Singapore! The roses are in their perfect large bloom, the stems are so slender and tall! The roses are grown at elevations of 8,000 feet or more above sea level to provide the roses with the optimal growing conditions! They are also manually supported as they grow so as to prevent stem breakage.

Roses Only Singapore offers Care Tips for their Roses. It shows how much they care about their Roses and try to prolong their life as long as possible. With proper care, their roses can last a minimum of 5 - 7 days. You can follow the Roses Only Singapore Care steps below. Wow I have learnt so much on taking care of the Roses!
  • 1. Remove water pouches, leaves and foliage that would sit below the water line.
  • 2. Cut rose stems at an angle with a pair of sharp scissors about 3 - 4 cm from the bottom of each stem while holding them under water of the running water. This will enable the roses to drink water and prevent "premature wilting". Note: Do not break or flatten the stems.
  • 3. Add water to your clean vase mixed with flower food (one sachet per 1½ litre of water) provided.
  • 4. Change the water every 2 - 3 days, rinse your vase and add additional flower preservatives.
  • 5. Re-cut stems at a sharp angle every 2 days. When removing leaves or thorns, do not cut the green bark. Air can enter the water conducting passages through these injuries and restrict water uptake.
  • Keep your roses in a cool area, out of direct sunlight, away from draughts, heat or ripening fruits.
  • After 2 days from the delivery, Remove 2 or 3 outer petals on the roses to allow newer and fresher petals to come through.
Note: If roses start to droop, add ice cubes to clean water and re-cut stems. Do remove any aging flowers - otherwise they will speed up the decaying process of the surrounding blooms.

Roses Only Singapore suggest different roses gift box for different occassions. Christmas... Birthday... Anniversary... Or you can also just pick based on the rose color.

Roses Only Singapore offers package with the Roses Gift Box with Champagne or Chocolates! If you are not a big fan of roses, you can consider their lilies gift box too! They are also stunningly beautiful!

Check them out now! A perfect bouquet will be a great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine Day, and other special occasions... Hope your loved one will love the lovely roses!

Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Roses Only Singapore(rosesonly.com.sg) for the latest details.

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