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  • Carbonara
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  • Stroll around the yachts
Contact Information
Address:No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382
Contact No.: +65 6776 0777
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31-$50

Opening Hours
Daily: 9:00 am to Mid Night

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Prive Cafe. It is one of my favourite brunch cafe. I like their brunch menu and the ambience where you can admire the yachts while you have your meals. Such view always relax the mind and took away the stressful hectic thoughts off it. We thought of dropping by for a quick dinner and chill after a long day at work. At the entrance, I almost thought it was closed as it look dark behind the dark glass. Luckily, they were open. prive_entrance
The night view is very different from the day view as the yacht is not as obvious. You can see some of the yachts under the dim light and the shadows dancing to the little waves. Usually I prefer to sit inside the cafe to enjoy the air con and flipped through their magazines collection. Most of the customers prefer to sit outdoor though. Better view I guess. prive_ambience prive_ambience2
There were quite a lot of service staff around. The service staff were friendly and swift. The food came swiftly after we order.
We had the following:
Penne Alla Carbonara, with crispy bacon, tender chicken chunks, button mushrooms topped with egg yolk. Somehow this is always my comfort food after a long day of work. The rich creaminess just make me feel so good. I love breaking the egg yolk and stir into the cream.
~Ribs~ prive_ribs
Sticky finger baby back ribs with pomegranate molasses, caijun-maple glazed hokkaido corn on the cob & Asian Slaw. The ribs was so so. I still prefer their carbonara. The ribs just didn't look or taste very appetising.
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