Invited Tasting: Princess Terrace Cafe

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Penang Char Kway Teow
  • Hokkien Prawn Mee Soup
  • Popiah
  • Kueh Pie Tee
  • Bang Chang Kueh (Peanut Pancake)
  • Nyonya Kueh
Contact Information
Address: 403 Havelock Road Singapore 169632
Contact No.: +65 6318 3168
Website : View Website
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Price Range (per pax): S$51 - S$100

Buffet Prices:
Monday to Thursday
Lunch: Adult $49.80, Child $24.90
Dinner: Adult $53.80, Child $26.90

Friday to Sunday/Public Holiday
Lunch: Adult $51.80, Child $25.90
Dinner: Adult $56.80, Child $28.40

Opening Hours
Lunch: 12pm - 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm - 10pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Princess Terrace Cafe ~ I have come across Princess Terrace Cafe when I am researching for buffet. It is also one of the buffet places that my friends highly recommended. Hence, I am especially delighted when I received invitation. Great Opportunity! Thank you Copthorne King's Hotel and Jennifer for having us. We had an awesome time and delicious food! I am impressed that Princess Terrace Cafe has been offering authentic Penang cuisine in Singapore since the early 1970s. Wow before I am even born!

The place is quite spacious. We were there on a wednesday. Wow, the place is quite crowded. An indeed popular place. No wonder my friends recommend this place.

They have a few food stations where the chef will whipped up the delicious dishes for you. I especially like it that they have a popiah and kueh pie tee food station where the lovely popiah and kueh pie tee is done professionally. Often, the clumsy me will not be able to do it with so nicely.

They offer a great variety of penang cuisine.
We started with the kueh pie tee. Oh I Love the thin and crispy pastry tart shell filled with a thinly sliced vegetables! Yummy. I am also a popiah lover. Love the paper thin skin wrapped with juicy vegetables. They also offer DIY rojak. Looks fun but I was lazy. So I gave it a miss. So many appetizers. Unfortunately, I have to give them a miss. Save my tummy for other dishes. Haha.
Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_4 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_9 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_10 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_25 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_27 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_26

Penang Char Kway Tiao. Different style from our usual sweet Char Kway Tiao. Penang style is more savory type. It is different but still delicious. Satay! Yum Yum. My Favourite. Can never have enough of it. Wok-Fried Porridge was the Star! The porridge is so heartwarming and comforting. Chee Cheong Fun was ok ok. I guess it was steamed for too long already.
Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_19 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_18 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_24 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_22 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_23 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_21 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_35Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_31 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_36

Hokkien Prawn Mee soup. The soup is very rich and flavorful. I understand that the soup is simmered for hours with lean pork bones. Yum yum. You can add your own garnishes.
Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_33 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_7 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_5

Penang Laksa. I am not exactly a big fan of this dish. I still prefer our local laksa style. But it is a refreshing dish. Sour Sour. Open up your appetite for more.

Herbal Mee Sua Soup. It smells really good but I really need to leave space for desserts. So unfortunately I have to give it a miss.

Nonya Kueh. The kueh were all delicately handmade by their chefs. So Nice. They look so exquisite and pretty. Each is like 1 mouthful. The tiny Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake) is so cute! Another of my big favourite is the silky smooth Beancurd. They give u 2 choices of syrup. Gula Melaka or Sugar Syrup. Awesome!

Another cool food station they have is to make Ban Jian Kuih. Crispy Peanut Pancake filled with finely chopped peanut and sugar. So crispy and fragrant!

Chendol!!! You get to DIY your own Chendol and Ice Kacang. I decided to go for Chendol. They have a shave ice maker. I just need to scoop some ice and design my own Chendol. Love red beans so I add more of that! Thats the beauty of DIY!

Drinks! They have Teh Halia (Ginger Tea) and Teh Tarik (Milk Tea). We had the Teh Halia. Lovely smooth Ginger Milk Tea. I also enjoyed the warm longan tea!~
Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_16 Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_44Princess_Terrace_Cafe_650_30

Princess Terrace Cafe has been offering authentic Penang cuisine in Singapore since the early 1970s. A great buffet place that offers a great variety of Penang cuisine! There were some hits and misses. Overall, it is still a very recommended place for Buffet especially if you like to have local cuisine for buffet. Most buffet places are always international theme. This is indeed a refreshing change.

Buffet Prices:
Monday to Thursday
Lunch: Adult $49.80, Child $24.90
Dinner: Adult $53.80, Child $26.90

Friday to Sunday/Public Holiday
Lunch: Adult $51.80, Child $25.90
Dinner: Adult $56.80, Child $28.40


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