Porn’s (Star Vista)

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  • Fish Tom Yum Hot Pot
  • Mango Sticky Rice
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Contact Information
Address:THE STAR VISTA, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-09, Singapore 138617
Contact No.: +65 6694 3501
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$16-$30

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am to 10pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Porn's. What are you thinking about now? HAHA *Winkz*. Porn's is started by a popular Singapore TV Host "Pornsak" who missed his hometown food so much that he brought them to our lovely island. It was a last minute arrangement to have a catch up with my friend. I suggested to go Star Vista as I remember there are a lot of food places inside. We decided to go Porn's for Thai food. Sexy sexy Thai food~ I went Porn's before at Mount Faber Safra. I remember it was quite nice. Their menu is limited but it have all my favourites! Tom Yum Soup... Mango Sticky Rice.... Mango Salad... Spicy.. Sour.. Yummy.. Yummy... porns_ambience porns_ambience2
I love the ambience. I like the interior design. Looks cheery and fun. You can see they really spend effort on decorating the place. Giving the place its own unique characer. Great for friends or small family gathering! It is also nice for a Casual Couple Date.
porns_ambience3 porns_ambience5
Their service staff is pretty friendly. The staff is kind to remind my friend that the tom yum is good for 2 person as she almost order 2 portions of it. Haha! Help us to save some money. Nice of them! The food was served quite swiftly except for the stir fried chicken with garlic. Not sure what happen. We were almost finishing then the dish came.
We had the following:
~Fish Tom Yum Soup~
I Love Tom Yum Soup! When I go Bangkok, I will always order this dish! Spicy and Sour. It is simply addictive. I was drowning the fire with my ice lemon grass drink. 1 mouth of Tom Yum Soup follow by 1 mouth of Lemon Grass Drink! hahaha I like their fish version. Often, we always order seafood. I think it is good change to have fish version. Feel healthy haha.
~Mango Salad~
It is refreshing. Opens your appetite for the other dishes.
~Sambal Kang Kong~ porns_sambal_kang_kong
All time Favourite! Sambal Kang Kong. Spicy Kang Kong is always so yummy. It goes super well with rice. I think theirs a bit too oily. Less oil will just perfect.
~Seafood Fried Rice~ porns_seafood_fried_rice
The presentation so colorful with tomato and cucumber. I love the cashew nuts, raisins and floss. They complements the rice so well.
~Stir-Fried Chicken with Garlic~
The long awaited chicken. We had to ask the staff about it then it arrive. Perhaps the order was missed out. Do I sound grumpy? haha The staff told us that it is a popular dish among their customers. I thought it was not bad. I guess I was already quite full when I try it. So I wasn't that impressed by it.
~Ice Lemon Grass Drink~
I Love lemon grass drink! It is so nice to see that they also presented the drink with a stick of lemon grass. Make the drink even more like a lemon grass drink. Not just the taste. It show they really put effort on presentation.
~Mango Sticky Rice~ porns_sticy_rice_mango
Mango Sticky Rice. I read some review that they don't like their mango sticky rice but I thought it was really good. The rice was warm paired with the sweet mango. Marvellous! It just melt into my mouth. I love it! Durian Lovers. You may consider to order the durian sticky rice instead. You can't miss this dish!
It is a great place for family/friends gathering or casual couple date. Served nice thai food with good portions. I will recommend you to try :)
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