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Ediaink (ediaink.com) is specialised in creating personalised gifts for you or your loved ones. They carry a range of products suitable for special occasions and all ages. They also carry ready made designs. We wanted to have something personalized for our little family photoshoot. Hence, Personalised family outfit (T-shirts and Romper) is a great choice.

We chose the 100% cotton round neck tee for hubby and I. There are 19 colours to choose from. We decided to get RED! Auspicious colour! Haha It represents our family love. Ediaink also provide dual side printing. We personalised our Tshirts with “King” and “Queen”. Also got a personalized romper “Prince" for Baby Travis. We receive many compliments from family and friends! The material stays cool and stretches. Feel very comfortable when wearing it. If you are interested in their personalized family outfit, you can contact them directly at their email: sales@ediaink.com.
Ediaink_650_8 Ediaink_650_2 Ediaink_650_3 Ediaink_650_5 Ediaink_650_1

We also got a lovely Cotton Personalised Bib - Printed with "Travis" for little baby Travis. There are 2 buttons behind for us to adjust backing accordingly. The material is soft to touch. Little Travis enjoys wearing it. This is also a great gift for the cute little ones. You can order the personalized bibs from them here.
Ediaink_650_4 Ediaink_650_7

Enjoy Shopping!~ I am sure your loved ones will love these.
Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Ediaink (ediaink.com) for latest details.
Many thanks to Ediaink for the lovely personalized family outfit and baby bib.

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