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Address:28 Maxwell Road,#01-02 Red Dot Traffic Building, Singapore 069120
Contact No.: +65 6227 6819
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): Above $100

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 12.00 to 14.30, 18.30 to 22.30
Sat: 18.30 to 22.30
Sun: Closed

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

Otto Ristorante. Its been a long long time since I catch up with my best girl friend :) It was her last day at her company. Time for a celebration! How many times you get to celebrate over this? Some people may only do it for just 1 time in their life. We have never did fine dining together before. We took a look at Otto Ristorante and decided it is the ONE! I have never been there. Heard a lot of good reviews about it.
We were early and lucky that they have available seats. If you plan to go there, do make reservation as I heard they are usually quite crowded on weekdays. It feel cozy as the lighting were soft. They also have a bar area so you can get a drink and relax at the bar too. otto_ris_ambience
The service were great. Although sometime a bit too fast, like I haven manage to finish my first dish and they wanted to serve the second dish. It will nice if it was paced a bit slower. Maybe I was too slow to finish my dish as I was busy catching up with my friend haha.
We ordered the degustation menu (S$98):
~Complimentary Bread~
They serve different variety of bread to us on a big tray. Walnut bread, Rasin bread, Onion bread etc Unfortunately it was cold when they serve. It would have been perfect if they serve them warm. Nevertheless, the bread were still wonderful with the olive oil.
~Carpaccio di Manzo Giapponese con Insalatina di Funghi e Parmigiano~
Wagyu beef carpaccio with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad. It was AWESOME! I love the Wagyu Beef carpaccio. The mushroom and salad were great to complement it as well.
~Piccolo Caciucco alla Livornese~
Livorno style “Seafood soup” in light tomato broth. The soup is great. I can feel the refreshing seafood fragrance swimming in my mouth. haha I love tomato broth. It is light and refreshing. Makes you all ready for the next course.
~Tagliolini al Nero con Granchio in Emulsione di Zafferano e Dragoncello~
Homemade squid ink tagliolini with crab meat in tarragon and saffron emulsion. Tarragon is an aromatic culinary herb. Tagliatelle are similar to fettuccine. They are also long, flat ribbons but are usually about 6.5 mm to 10 mm (0.25 to 0.375 inch) wide. Squid Ink. Many of us are usually put off by its black color. I read some where that it has anti-bacterial characteristics. Not sure how true but it sound good. Anyway this dish is great. I like the crab meat that goes with it too.
~Tagliata di Merluzzo in Crosta di Olive Taggiasche e Salsa all’Aglio dolce~
Atlantic cod tagliata, “Taggia” olives crust with sweet garlic sauce. This dish was a bit more so so. The cod was fresh but it just didn't appeal to us. Both of us just didn't really appreciate it.
~Filetto di Manzo con Salsa al Midollo e Funghi Porcini~
otto_ris_beef otto_ris_beef2
Grain fed beef tenderloin with bone marrow sauce and porcini mushroom. We request medium for the the beef. It is so so JUICY and TENDER! Its been a long time since I have a great beef steak.
~Pannacotta alla Foglia di Lime e Coulis di Mango e Polvere di Amaretto~
Kaffir lime leaves pannacotta with mango coulis and amaretto cookies. When they serve the dessert, it was so cute! The pannacotta was like dancing! It was swaying here and there as the waiter put the dish down. This is so so hard to describe. It is so fun to watch. We even purposely took a short video on it. It is very refreshing and creamy at the same time. As the cream melt, it leaves hints of lime. Great dessert always leave you with deep impression. It is like a movie with great ending.
This place is AWESOME for the entire dining experience. Service..Food..Ambience but unfortunately it is not the most affordable place. All these come with a price. It is pretty accessible. Pretty near Tanjong Pagar Mrt and you can also have some after-dinner drinks at the bars near by (E.g. Boulevard). It is a great option for Special Occasions.
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