Recommended Dish to Try
  • Bread
  • Mushroom Tea
  • Hokkaido Uni
  • Seared Foie Gras
Contact Information
Address: #01-04, 1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957
Contact No.: +65 6385 0498
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): Above S$100

Opening Hours
12.00pm to 1.30pm (last seating)
7.00pm to 9.00pm (last seating)

​ Monday - Dinner only
​ ​Tuesday to Saturday - Lunch & Dinner
​ ​Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

Odette~ A new french fine dining place in Singapore! Wow heard you have to book way in advance. I wanted to celebrate a special occasion in march. Kiasu Me decided to make my reservation in January. Awesome! I managed to book it successfully. Heard a lot of great reviews and a lot of friends highly recommended it. Of cos Be careful as it is a place that will hurt the pocket for most of us Haha. Odette is Chef-Owner Julien Royer’s first restaurant. Some may have know Julien Royer previously as he was the head chef post at Jaan in Swissotel The Stamford. He had named the restaurant after his grandmother, Odette. Odette_650_29 Odette_650_33

I like the soft elegance of the place. The soft colors used also have complements well with the National Gallery. The lighting is also just right. Perfect for me to see the dishes clearly. There are restaurants which make their lights so dim till the beautiful dishes are hard to appreciate. I always love a glass-enclosed kitchen! It makes you feel that the chefs have nothing to hide and allow you to appreciate not just their works but also the the process. Unfortunately, I didn't get to sit near the it or I would have the opportunity to witness the chefs whipped up the beautiful dishes. Odette_650_31 Odette_650_30 Odette_650_1 Odette_650_27

Awesome Service! The service crew is very attentive and explain every dish when they serve!

We start off with the delicious bite size Amuse-bouches, mushroom tea dish which was already a popular dish by Chef Julien Royer since his Jaan days and not forgetting the warm soft delicious bread. I especially love the Olive Bread!
Odette_650_2 Odette_650_3 Odette_650_4 Odette_650_5 Odette_650_6 Odette_650_7 Odette_650_8 Odette_650_9

Finally, our Tasting Menu of Epicure - 8 Acts starts with Hokkaido Uni. Langoustine, Mussel 'cloud' and Oscietra Caviar. Wow this is my most favourite dish. Especially I am a big lover of Uni! Sleeping under the blanket of mussel cloud were our fresh sea urchin and lobster. To top it off were the Oscietra caviar! Stunningly Delicious! The bowl use to present it was also very special which remind of sea urchin. Chef Julien Royer even serve this dish himself! So excited to see him in person! What a pity that I didn't had a picture with him!
Odette_650_11 Odette_650_10

Next we have Hokkaido Saba cooked with 2 ways. It is presented in a interesting 2 layers bowl. 1 layer for each method. Top we have the Flamed Grilled Saba, Dill, Horseradish. Hidden in the second layer. Ta Da~ we have the Smoked Tartare, Dashi jelly with Yuzu. I prefer the second layer. The smoked tartare with the hints of Yuzu complements well.
Odette_650_14 Odette_650_12 Odette_650_13

Now the stunning Hay-Smoked Organic Egg. Petit pois 'a la francaise', Smoked Garlic and Buckwheat. Some may feel it is just an egg with a glamorous show. In my opinion, presentation is also very important factor to a dish as well. It enhances the whole dining experience.

Odette_650_15 Odette_650_16

Duo of Asparagus. I love Asparagus! He have served the asparagus with cured ham (Iberico de Bellota) with Mousseline sauce. A pretty dish! Cured Ham complements the light taste of the Asparagus.

Seared Foie Gras with Miso caramel, quinoa and Brulee Strawberries. I thought it is a brilliant idea to pair strawberries with Foie Gras. The rich buttery flavour with the sweetness of strawberries makes it to a good balance of rich flavor. A sinful delicious and beautiful dish! Love it!
Odette_650_19 Odette_650_18

Line Caught Oleron Whiting with confit fennel, octopus and Bouillabaisse. I like the tender octopus! I didn't appreciate the fish as much.

Pigeon Fabien Deneour En 2 Services. Wow barbecued pigeon breast. They brought the whole pigeon and show us in the pot and brought back to present it in a beautiful arrangement. The pigeon meat was very tender.
Odette_650_21 Odette_650_22

They serve us a Granita to clear our palate before our dessert. They draw a lovely birthday greeting to celebrate our special occasion. We had the Petit four to end our lovely set meal.
Odette_650_23 Odette_650_24 Odette_650_25

Our lovely gift home from Odette! Their own made Strawberry Jam! Yum Yum.

Cheers to a lovely Night!
Odette_650_32 Odette_650_28

They are one of the few restaurants that I know take the presentation so much care! Each dish is designed so well from the the way the dish is served, the presentation, the taste! Awesome! Attentive Service! My favorite dish is the Hokkaido Uni and Seared Foie Gras! We have tried the following:
- Mushroom Tea
- Hokkaido Uni
- Hokkaido Saba
- Hay-smoked Organic Egg
- Duo of Asparagus
- Seared Foie Gras
- Line Caught Oleron Whiting
- Pigeon Fabien Deneour En 2 Services
- Williams Pear Comme Un Millefeuille


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