Noaki Yoshihara by Ash at Liang Court

Recommended Service to Try
  • Shiseido Color ($110)
  • Luminogenic Treatment (S$120)
Contact Information
Address: 177 River Valley Road #02-15//16 Liang Court Singapore 179030
Contact No.: +65 6333 5662 (English) / +65 8722 1586 (Japanese)
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Opening Hours
Open daily 9.30am to 7.30pm

Noaki Yoshihara by Ash. I usually color my hair twice a year. It is time again to color again. I was recommended by my good friend to try shiseido color. It is said to be good for our asian hair. I asked Mr Google and found this salon Noaki Yoshihara. It seems like Japanese Salons are pretty popular. I decided to give it a try~
My hair look so dry like grass and the color making it worse. So Sad! Noaki_Before2

I booked my hair appointment at 9:30am. I was one of the first few customers. My stylist is a sweet japanese lady. Kurashima Megumi. Thank goodness that she can speak some English. I showed her some pictures of the hair colour that I like. She understood my preference and recommend accordingly. She also brought me some english and japanese hair style magazines. I love the glass that they used to serve my warm water. It is so pretty! The little pink ribbon on the cover. Adorable!
Noaki_61 Noaki_361 Noaki_121 Noaki_101
She recommended to cut my fringe shorter and more v-shaped for my hair. I accepted her suggestion and she goes trimming away. Soon she start to do my hair highlights (Natural Brown) and Reddish Brown color for my base color. They use a rotating hair heater to accelerate the hair color process.
IMG_20150807_5 IMG_20150807_2
After the hair color is completed, she did the Luminogenic Treatment. It is a 2-Step Hair and Scalp Treatment (15 minutes). She recommended it as it is a treatment for coloured hair and it should help to add a beautiful shine to my hair.
Ta Da~ It is all done! Now my hair look so much healthier than before. I love it~ What do you think? IMG_20150807_4 IMG_20150807_3
Guess what? There was a promotion at Liang Court. Shop Pull and Win!~ You just need to spend $100 ($250 at Audio House or MEIDI-YA Supermarket), for a chance to pull and win a Liang Court shopping voucher. I won $10~ Cool! It is like a discount for my hair services!~

Conclusion: Noaki Yoshihara by Ash at Liang Court is accessible. The service is great. The sweet stylist - Kurashima Megumi is friendly and skilful. I prefer the Shiseido Hair Colour product than the other hair color products I had previously. Last time when I dye my hair, the color will keep running while I wash my hair. Staining all my bath towel and even my white spectacles frame. This time I don't see any color run at all. Awesome~ Another thing I love is the place where they wash the hair. It is a chair where you sit down and it gently lowers your head to the basin. I will certainly come back to them again.

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