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Having your own house/ room? First thing comes into my mind is what is the theme? How should I decorate it? Even when you shop for the basic stuff like chair and tables. I would prefer them to be of similar style. A comfortable but still stylish theme as I want it to be a lovely cozy home to relax after a long day of hectic work. After deciding on the theme and time to think on how to decorate the house. Just a few decor or even only 1 will just make the whole place very much different.

Many Thanks to Masons Home Decor (mason.com.sg) for the 2 lovely home decor - Steeltech Table Lamp and Umbra Prisma Photo Frame.

Mason Home Decor started out as a seasonal decorations company and they strive to be Singapore’s one stop destination for all Home Decor Supplies. Masons Home Decor offers Economical High Quality Aesthetic Inspired Home Decor. They believe that every home should have an identity exclusive to the characteristics and nature of the family. They have in-house designers which will design the products and work with their factories to create the classy and trendy home decor at the best affordable price. They also offer minimalist industrial Concrete Pots, lovely Terrarium which gives a natural touch to your decor. Christmas is also coming very soon. You can check out their Christmas Trees, Christmas Ornaments, and Christmas Home Decorations.

Mason Home Decor currently offers Steeltech Table Lamp - The lamp immediately elevated my room with a new level of elegance. Love how the light shine through the lamp and cast the classy beautiful shadows in the room. A great decor to put in your bedroom!

Mason Home Decor also offers Umbra Prisma Photo Frame - It is metal wire frames, in which a photo floats between two panes of glass. I like it that the frame can sit on the table or be hung on the wall. Very versatile. When I am bored of it siting on my bed side table, I can also change to hang it on my living room wall. It Comes in 5 colours Black/ Chrome/ Matte Brass/ White/ Copper. It also come in different dimensions (10 x 15 cm/ 13 x 18 cm/ 20 x 25 cm). It is a great Housewarming gift too!

Use code 'EILEEN15' on checkout at mason.com.sg to enjoy 15% off their products.

Merry Merry Christmas in advance! Enjoy family bonding time while decorating your place with your loved ones!
Above information is for reference only. Please always contact Masons Home Decor (mason.com.sg) for the latest details.

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