The Marmalade Pantry

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  • Beef Red Wine Ragu
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Contact Information
Address:#03-22 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Contact No.: +65 6734 2700
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$51-$100

Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00-22:00

My Rating: (2 out of 5)

The Marmalade Pantry. It was our good friend's belated birthday celebration. We were planning to have our little celebration at Nassim Hill Bistro. However, it was sad to see them closed for a private function. So disappointing. Anyway, we decided to change location to Marmalade Pantry at Ion Orchard instead. I have been to Marmalade Pantry before and didn't had good impression of them then. Unfortunately, they still didn't change my impression of them. Nevertheless, it was the company that matters! It was still a great catch up brunch! marmalade_pantry_1 marmalade_pantry_2
The place is definitely crowded. It was quite a long wait for our table. I guess it was a weekend and there were also limited brunch places in Ion. The place is quite an open place. You can chat freely and won't be afraid that your clothes will stink of the food smell. The customers were mainly couples or gatherings of friends.
1 word. Terrible. The service were quite slow and not attentive. They keep trying to clear our plates when we have not finish yet. When we ask for credit card promotion, the staff reply's tone was rude. They took a long time to give us our bill. They do not look short handed. Hence, I think they do really need improve their service attitude. There were some staff that do look friendly but those bad sheeps really just sour my experience with them. It just only need 1 staff to ruin your mood.
~Banana Berries Hot Cakes with honeycomb, butter, maple syrup~ marmalade_pantry_banana_berries_hotcakes
It looks good and we concluded it ONLY look good. The hotcakes were hard and dry. The fruits were quite fresh though. It is definitely not a dish I would recommend.
~Eggs Any Style with smoked bacon, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, homemade baked beans and whole wheat bread~ marmalade_pantry_eggs_any_style
The pathetic 2 slice of smoked salmon cost $8! So expensive! The eggs were just ok. The homemade baked beans tasted just like those from the can. Overall, a plain expensive dish with nothing to shout about.
~Beef Red Wine Ragu with braised oxtail, garlic, parsley, and red wine jus~ marmalade_pantry_beef_red_wine_ragu
The oxtail was pretty tender. The pasta was too chewy to my liking. Overall, best dish for the entire meal. I do hesitate to recommend it though.
~William Cup Cake~ marmalade_pantry_william
Chocolate cake with William pear and vanilla with butter cream frosting. 1 look not appetising! Something is wrong with the way they handle desserts. There were droplets of water on the cupcake. It look like it was in the freezer and it thawed. The cupcake look like it was perspiring. The taste is plain and just a normal chocolate cake.
~Lemon Brulee Tart~ marmalade_pantry_lemon_brulee_tart
At first, we thought this dish will be a warm dish but it came cold. The cream at the side also already collapsed when they serve. I think they really need to improve the presentation of their desserts. The look is totally off.
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