Little House of Dreams (Dempsey)

Recommended Dish(s) to try
  • Beef Lasagne
  • Rainbow Mess Jar
Contact Information
Address: Block 8 Dempsey Road #01-14, Singapore 247696
Contact No.: +65 6472 4977
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Price Range (per pax): S$16 - S$30

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 9am - 11pm.

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Little House of Dreams (Dempsey) ~ We were looking for a quick dinner place around Dempsey area and I found the Little House of Dreams in my Entertainer App which offers 1 for 1 Main Course deal.
I understand that the Little House of Dreams is a local bakery which offers lovely bespoke cakes and dessert tables. They started from an online store in 2008 and finally a brick and mortar bakery in 2012. Now they also expanded into a bakery bistro in Dempsey.

Love the sweet theme! A great theme for a dessert place! They are quite spacious and I realised they also offer Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Great for friend gathering and family with kids. They have a 4-metre long dessert display counter which showcase their popular desserts and cakes. Look so tempting!~ The place is also lovely for events like weddings and birthday parties.
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They do not charge service fee. They have a counter that offers water, cutlery, napkins and condiments. You can just help yourself to all of them. Each of the table has an ipad that shows the menu and so you can just make your order via the ipad. The staff will serve it to you when the food is ready. When you have finished your meal, you can just proceed to the cashier and make your payment.
little_house_of_dreams_650_3 little_house_of_dreams_650_8

~ Beef Burger with fries - S$21.90 ~
The beef patty was quite juicy. The vegetables were also quite fresh. The fries portion is also quite generous. The golden-brown burgen bun is also well toasted. Feel that it is a bit pricey for that portion.
little_house_of_dreams_650_12 little_house_of_dreams_650_13

~ Beef Lasagna - S$19.90 ~
I always like Beef Lasagna. Love the cheesy and flavorful lean ground beef with layers of thin lasagna noodles. Similarly it is a bit pricey for that portion. Luckily we were using Entertainer App and have 1 for 1 main course deal. So we had this for free.
little_house_of_dreams_650_14 little_house_of_dreams_650_15

~ Rainbow Mess Jar - $7.90 ~
A beautiful presentation which is different from the usual rainbow cake. A cheery dessert which can brighten one's day! I think it will be nicer if they have smaller spoons as the jar is small. We had a hard time trying to dig into the jar to get the cakes. The cake is light and fluffy. Haha, we really make it a mess!~
little_house_of_dreams_650_16 little_house_of_dreams_650_17 little_house_of_dreams_650_18

Little House of Dreams (Dempsey) ~ A cafe with lovely sweet theme. Great for friend gatherings and family with kids. A tempting 4-metre long dessert display counter which showcase their popular desserts and cakes. We had 1 for 1 deal from Entertainer app. Hence, We got the Beef lasagne for free. The bill total up to S$29.80. Great Savings!
We (2 pax) have tried the following for dinner:
- Beef Burger with fries - S$21.90
- Beef Lasagne - S$19.90
- Rainbow Mess Jar - $7.90


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