Laurent’s Cafe (Heeren)

Recommended Dish(s) to try
  • Crispy Duck Leg Confit
  • Pure Dessert
Contact Information
Address: 260 Orchard Road #B1-02C, Singapore 238855
Contact No.: +65 6235 2340
MRT Station: Somerset MRT
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Price Range (per pax): S$51 - S$100

Opening Hours
Daily: 9am - 10pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Laurent's Cafe (Heeren) ~ It was Robinsons Sale! After a long day of shopping in Robinsons, We just want to sit down and have a good dinner. We went to the basement and saw Laurent's Cafe. It is the ONE! A gem hiding in a secret corner in Robinsons.
laurent_cafe_650_17 laurent_cafe_650_16

I like the rustic vibes filled atmosphere. Although the seats are not the most comfortable, I feel it has a nice chill out feel. The turquoise, brown and yellowish orange colors complements each other well. Gives a soothing feeling. It wasn't too crowded when we were there. Some customers just ordered coffee and chill with their book or phone.
laurent_cafe_650_1 laurent_cafe_650_2 laurent_cafe_650_3 laurent_cafe_650_18

Friendly Service Staff who brought us swiftly to our seats. They also serve our dishes soon after we ordered. When I asked the staff for recommendation on the dessert, she was able to reply promptly.

French Onion Soup - S$10
It was light flavourful soup served with emmental cheese and a warm baguette. I like it that they serve freshly ground pepper using their pepper mill. It will enhance the fragrance of the French Onion Soup. However, it does seems a bit more pricy than the other cafes.
laurent_cafe_650_8 laurent_cafe_650_7 laurent_cafe_650_9

We ordered their 1 dinner set to share - S$58++
Entree - Assiette de charcuterie (Cold Platter)
Sorry can't comment much. I didn't try the cold platter. I understand that the cold platter is delicious. My friend totally enjoy it. The dinner set also comes with a complimentary glass of French Red or White Wine. Since we are having Crispy Duck Confit later, we opt for the French Red. I didn't drink the wine but the aroma is so seductive. Haha
laurent_cafe_650_5 laurent_cafe_650_6 laurent_cafe_650_4

Confit de Canard et pommes de terre roties (Duck Leg Confit and Roasted Potatoes) - (Ala carte: S$26)
For the main course in the dinner set, we chose the Duck Leg Confit. I always love Duck Leg Confit. The cripsy skin and tender moist meat are always my favourite. I totally love their version. The skin is unforgettable. Nom Nom!
laurent_cafe_650_10 laurent_cafe_650_11

Braised Pork Belly - S$25
We ordered an ala carte main Braised Pork Belly with roasted potatoes. The Pork Belly has a good balance of fats and meat. It is meltingly tender. However, I still prefer the Crispy Duck Confit.
laurent_cafe_650_13 laurent_cafe_650_12 laurent_cafe_650_14

Pure (Ala carte S$10.50)
The dinner set also come with a dessert (choice of Patsserie Maison). I understand from the service staff that Pure is the best seller of Laurent's Cafe and made of dark chocolate. A great recommendation. It is rich and smooth.
laurent_cafe_650_15 laurent_cafe_650_19 laurent_cafe_650_20

Laurent's Cafe (Heeren) ~ A hidden gem at Robinsons Basement. A cozy cafe with rustic theme. It is quite accessible. Located near Somerset MRT. Especially great when you want to chill out or after a long day of shopping in Robinsons.
We (2 pax) have tried the following:
- French Onion Soup - S$10
- Braised Pork Belly - S$25
- Dinner Set - S$58++
* Entree - Assiette de charcuterie (Cold Platter)
* Confit de Canard et pommes de terre roties (Duck Leg Confit and Roasted Potatoes) - (Ala carte: S$26)
* Pure (Ala carte S$10.50)


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