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Contact Information
Address:#02-103, Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Contact No.: +65 6822 2095
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$1 to $15

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 – 21:00

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

I chanced upon the news on LadyM is opened in Singapore. LadyM is a hit in New York since 2001. LadyM at Marina Square is the first boutique outside of the United States! I always like crepe cake and read many reviews that compliment Lady M's signature cake Lady M® Mille Crêpes. We went on a weekday late afternoon to avoid the crowds.
The place is furnished with a splash of white. White Chairs! White Tables! White cabinets! White walls! It makes the whole place look simple and clean. However, it somehow reminds me of office pantries. It will be so hard to maintain the place with white as theme color.
Their staff seems a bit inexperienced and unfamiliar in using their iphone to take the customers' orders. The staff that serve us tea also seem a bit shaky. However, they still look friendly.
We ordered the following:
~Signature cake Lady M® Mille Crêpes~ mille_whole mille
Look at the cream oozing out of the layers as I gently cut through the layers of crepes! The layers of crepes and cream melted into my mouth. So smooth but it is a slightly towards the sweet side. It tastes so light and good with the twenty paper thin handmade crepes layer with the light smooth cream. I understand that each mille cake takes approximately 10 hours to make the cake. One look at it, I can already feel the efforts to stack the layers of crepes and cream. Thumbs up!
~Strawberry Shortcake~ strawberry-shortcake
The strawberry shortcake is a winner to me! It is so appealing. So soft and sweet looking! The strawberry balances the taste of the sweetness. The cake also gives a slight banana aftertaste. To be honest, I love this cake more than mille cake. The cream is smooth. I don't care whether the cream is fattening a not. It is simply worth it! Yummy! I need to repeat this again! It is just so so smooth!
~Jasmine Green Tea~ jasmine-green-tea
The tea is pretty fragrant. They serve the pot without the tea leaves. This is good as the tea won't be too strong as the tea leaves soaked too long in it. However, i guess you can't refill like other cafes where they allow refill of hot water.
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