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  • 12HR Pork Belly
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  • KPO for a drink
Contact Information
Address:#02-16/18 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Contact No.: +65 6884 7560
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$16 to $30

Opening Hours
Tue – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Kilo is a restaurant and bar with a Japanese-Vietnamese inspired menu. Its concrete interiors is also a clothing and lifestyle store. It offers a different dining experience. However, I would worry that the clothes will not be affected by the aroma coming from the kitchen. It is also situated at a corner of Orchard Central. We had to walk all the way to the corner from the main entrance and it is also quite a distance away to the nearest restroom.
With the low light ambience, it gives a romantic soft touch to the atmosphere. It is ideal for small group gatherings or couples.
The service staff were not very attentive as we always need to get them to refill our glasses.
We ordered the following:
~Salmon Sushi + Crispy Chicken Skin~ salmon-sushi-crispy-chicken-skin
I love salmon sashimi! The crispy chicken skin give it a crunchy texture.
~Raw Seafood Ceviche~ raw_seafood_ceviche
I wasn't able to appreciate it as the sauce was a little too spicy to my liking that it just mask the taste of the seafood.
~12HR Pork Belly~ 12hr_pork_belly
Oh my gosh! the pork belly just melt into my mouth. Yummy! The fragrance just filled my entire mouth! The rice is round and soft. They just complement each other so well!
~Spicy Tuna Salmon Cubes~ spicy_tuna_salmon_cubes
I am not a great fan of tuna. The spiciness increase the appetite for the upcoming dishes. It is a good starter dish!
~Salmon Avocado~ salmon_avocado
An unique way to eat rice roll wrapped in Japan inspired wrapping. However, I personally felt it was a bit too troublesome to eat in that way. The soy flaxseed chips gives me a healthy feel to the dish!
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