Recommended Dish to Try
  • Wiener Schnitzel (Pork version)
  • Hungarian Paprika Chicken Sausages
  • Kaiserhaus Platter
Contact Information
Address: Capitol Singapore, 17 Stamford Road, #02-06 and #03-06, Singapore 178907
Contact No.: +65 6377 0013
Email Address: reservations@kaiserhaus.com.sg
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 10.30AM - 11PM
Friday and Saturday: 10.30AM - 12AM

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Kaiserhaus~ Located at our newly refurbished Capitol Theater. They offers amazing dishes from the celebrated Habsburg Empire over like Austria, Hungary to Singapore. Was thinking of a place for my dad's birthday celebration. Since, we didn't try Austrian food in Singapore. I thought it will be something for unique for a special occasion. Kaiserhaus_650_4 Kaiserhaus_650_5

A contemporary dining destination. I like the way how they do up their place. Soft luxurious touch from the furniture to something as simple as the paper napkin. Would prefer that the tables to be bigger to have good space when the dishes are for sharing. The staircase in the middle of the restaurant giving a grand look to the restaurant. This complements Capitol Theatre so well too. Kaiserhaus_650_3 Kaiserhaus_650_2

Great Service! The service crew is very attentive and clear our empty plates swiftly! When I email them on the reservation, they are also very prompt in their reply and gave great explanation.

We start off with drinks. Kaiserhaus Beer. Great for people who prefer light beer. They also serve the peppermint tea in a nice teapot.
Kaiserhaus_650_6 Kaiserhaus_650_1

We ordered Fried Button Mushroom as appetizer while we wait for our main courses. Quite Juicy. Crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. Goes well with the lemon juice and home-made tartare sauce too! There was a promotion that if we order 2 beer, the fried button mushroom is complimentary.
Kaiserhaus_650_7 Kaiserhaus_650_8

Wow what a generous portion of Wiener Schnitzel. We had the pork version. Wiener Schnitzel is a pounded thin, breaded and pan-fried pork. They also served it potato salad, mâche, lemon and cranberry ragout. I think I won't be able to finish it myself. It is good to share with someone else. It is delicious. Crispy and the pork is tender not tough. The potato salad is also very unique. Not the usual where they will mix mayonnaise to the potato. The potato salad is very appetising.
Kaiserhaus_650_9 Kaiserhaus_650_11

Kaiserhaus Platter for 2 to share. Love to order sharing platter as you get to try many of their dishes without over stuffing yourself. The platter offers a good selection of the signature dishes from the former Austrian-Hungarian Empire: Viennese Backhendl crispy chicken with potato salad, Ćevapčići with Ajvar red pepper relish, goat cheese and Bohemian crispy pork roast with natural jus. Served with sweet sauerkraut Gabelkraut and bread dumplings. Love the crispy chicken. The pork roast is not as crispy as I would like. The bread dumplings are something that I don't know how to appreciate too.
Kaiserhaus_650_12 Kaiserhaus_650_11

Hungarian Paprika Chicken Sausages - Smoked spiced Hungarian chicken sausages with paprika, garlic, pepper and marjoram Served with mashed potatoes, Gabelkraut, a sweet variation of sauerkraut and spicy Lecsó, a Hungarian ratatouille. Deliciously Grilled! The hearty sausage is very delicious. I am a sausage lover.

We ordered a slice of cake - Raspberry Truffle Cake from them. Quite expensive S$9.50. Very Chocolaty! They helped us to put in the Happy Birthday Greeting with a candle and the staff also join us to sing Birthday song to my dad. :)

A contemporary dining destination. Conveniently located near City Hall mrt. There is even an underground pass all the way to the Capitol. Don't even need to be worry to be caught in the rain. The dishes were delicious. Lovely presented with Attentive Service! We spent about S$180 (after tax) for 4 persons. We have tried the following:
- Drinks: 2 glasses of Kaiserhaus Beer, Peppermint Tea, Apple Juice
- Fried Button Mushroom (Promotional Item)
- Wiener Schnitzel Pork (S$29)
- Hungarian Paprika Chicken Sausages (S$19.50)
- Kaiserhaus Platter (For 2 to share) (S$68)
- Slice of Raspberry Truffle Cake (S$9.50)


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