K-Tower (Tanjong Pagar: Amoy Street)

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  • 7-Tier Tower Set
Contact Information
Address: 74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893
Contact No.: +65 6221 9928
Email: hello@ktower.com.sg
Nearest MRT Station: Tanjong Pagar/ Telok Ayer MRT
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Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
11:30AM - 2:30PM, 5:30PM - 10:00PM (Daily)

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

K-Tower at Tanjong Pagar - Amoy Street ~ They offer fresh seafood steamed within the tower. Each variety is laid beautifully to steam in each tier in the tower. A great place for people who love steamed seafood. Ideal for friends and family gathering to enjoy the fresh seafood together. It is within walking distance from Tanjong Pagar/ Telok Ayer MRT. Founders of K-Tower were inspired by the “9 Layer Seafood” in their recent travels to Korea. They brought the seafood tower craze in Korea to the shores of Singapore.

It is quite spacious and I even brought my baby Travis there with his stroller. Luckily it was spacious enough to put the stroller. Love the decorations. The light is not too dim and not too bright. Just perfect. Very suitable for family and friends gathering!
K-Tower_650_22 K-Tower_650_1

They have free-flow self service kimchi, radish and sauces! I love their kimchi. Not too spicy and very crunchy! Delicious. The radish cubes was also very yummy. There are also gloves for you to eat with the seafood. So your hands will still be clean. There are also tools for you to use to "attack" the seafood haha. They also designed their tables with holes that you can just throw your waste. This is much more effective than you have to keep asking the staff to clear for you. The service staff were also very friendly and attentive.
K-Tower_650_23 K-Tower_650_24 K-Tower_650_8

We ordered their Lunar New Year Menu - Grand Prosperity Set (7-Tier Tower Set). It comes with the 9-Tier Seafood Tower, Lobster Fa Cai Yu Sheng, 1 x CNY K-Tower Platter, 1 x Kurobuta Pork, and 1 x Wagyu Beef.
Wow ta-da the 7 Tier Seafood Tower! Fresh Seafood is laid in each tier of the tower. As the seafood is being steamed, the essence of the seafood slowly trickles down and well collected into the last tier - hot pot. Yummy. All the goodness is not wasted. I like the idea that you open up each tier to reveal the delicious seafood. It is like unwrapping a present and every layer you discover a new treasure. The seafood is very fresh. It feels so simple but yet very delicious. However, do bear in mind to eat the seafood quickly or they may get overcooked. We had (Tier 1)Prawns, (Tier 2) Oysters, (Tier 3) Clams, (Tier 4) Lobster, (Tier 5) Crabs, and (Tier 6) Fish.

K-Tower_650_3 K-Tower_650_2 K-Tower_650_4 K-Tower_650_5 K-Tower_650_6 K-Tower_650_7 K-Tower_650_21

Last but not least is (Tier 7) Steaming Hot Pot of Goodness. It is like our usual Steamboat. We add our Chinese New Year K-Tower Platter, Kurobuta Pork, and Wagyu Beef into the "Seafood Essence". Absorbing all the essence! Making them even more Flavorful. Awesome!
K-Tower_650_9 K-Tower_650_10 K-Tower_650_11 K-Tower_650_12 K-Tower_650_13

~ Korean Pancakes ~
We ordered their pancakes. It was not available on menu yet. They are still trying to perfect the recipe.

~ Lobster Fa Cai Yusheng ~
So Interesting. Korean Place also sells Yusheng these days. Haha. It is a popular dish in Singapore during Chinese New Year period. It brings out the cheer in the group gathering. Everyone shouting all the best wishes for the coming year. It is so fun! I totally love their Lobster yusheng! They serve the lobster with shell for our phototaking then deshell for our "Prosperity Toss".
K-Tower_650_15 K-Tower_650_17 K-Tower_650_18 K-Tower_650_19

K-Tower at Tanjong Pagar - Amoy Street ~ Awesome Fresh Seafood steamed in each tier of the 7-Tier tower: (Tier 1)Prawns, (Tier 2) Oysters, (Tier 3) Clams, (Tier 4) Lobster, (Tier 5) Crabs, (Tier 6) Fish, (Tier 7) Steaming Hot Pot of Goodness. Great for friends and family gathering to enjoy the fresh seafood together. It is within walking distance from Tanjong Pagar/ Telok Ayer MRT.
We (7 pax) had the following
- Fortune Abundance Set - S$398
* 7-Tier Seafood Tower
* 1 x CNY K-Tower Platter
* 1 x Kurobuta Pork
* 1 x Wagyu Beef
* Lobster Fa Cai Yu Sheng
- Seafood Pancakes - S$14.90


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