Invited Tasting: IPPIN CAFE BAR

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Sake!
  • Oyakodon Set
Contact Information
Address: 18 Mohamed Sultan Road. Singapore 238967
Contact No.: +65 6733 4794
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
Lunch: 11:00am - 3:00pm
Dinner: 5:00pm - 11:00pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Ippin Cafe Bar~ I am glad that I can made it for their invitation this round. Thank you Hazel and Ippin Cafe Bar for organising the tasting session. It is at Mohamed Sultan. One of my favourite hangout area for food especially drinks. Ippin Cafe Bar is an cosy cafe like bar which support Japanese SMEs which are interested to explore their products in South East Asian Market. I recommend Ippin Cafe Bar if you are Sake Lover. Ippin_650_4 Ippin_650_5

A cozy cafe bar with a strong artistic feel! Many art pieces from a nearby art school by children were displayed. What I like about them is you can also Shop here! They have designed their menu with ingredients that are sold on their shelves. So if you like the ingredients, you can even buy them home! So Cool! They also conduct cooking classes!
Ippin_650_14 Ippin_650_7 Ippin_650_1 Ippin_650_2 Ippin_650_6 Ippin_650_13 Ippin_650_15

Food and Drinks
Wow! They have a great collection of Sake! I didn't get to try much Sake as I have very few friends that are sake lover. First time I try yoghurt sake and yuzu sake! The yuzu version is like a yuzu drink. Can't feel the alcohol at all. Be careful if you don't want to end up drunk haha. Yoghurt lovers you definitely should try this unique drink!
Ippin_650_3 Ippin_650_23 Ippin_650_24 Ippin_650_25

Cold Tofu come with Tochigi Prefecture Toppings (S$5 nett). Creative to use gyoza dumpling sauce to go with Tofu. Trying to create the feeling of eating gyoza.
Ippin_650_8 Ippin_650_17

Veggie Sticks (S$5 Nett) For vegetable stick lovers, you may like to try their wasabi mayo and green onion miso dip. I like this refreshing change from the usual mayo dip as there are hints of the wasabi miso taste.

Nikujaga (S$5 Nett) A pork, vegetables and potato stew. I heard this is a important dish in Japan. I understand that Japanese Man love that their girlfriend can cook this dish. Interesting. Didn't know about this.

Yakisoba Set (S$12 Nett) It felt light and not oily. Feel likes a healthier version.

Rice Ball with Filings (S$5 Nett) Onigiri (rice ball) They have also use the gyoza sauce and green onion miso filling from Tochigi Prefecture. Fun to unwrap. There is some hints of spiciness in it.
Ippin_650_9 ippin_rice_ball

Beef Steak Set with Wasabi Soy Sauce/ Garlic Soy Sauce/ Wasabi Salt (S$25 Nett) It come with rice, salad, fries, miso soup, mini Grace Piece Darjeeling tea Jelly. I love the tea jelly! It gently melt into the mouth and fill my mouth with the tea fragrance. Refreshing! You can even buy the Grace Piece Darjeeling Tea from them!
Ippin_650_12 Ippin_650_18 Ippin_650_20 Ippin_650_27

Oyakodon Set (S$15) My favourite japanese dish. Chicken & Egg on rice! They boil the chicken and onion with dashi stock. Their version is also a bit more wet than some I have tried.

Green Tea. My favourite hot tea. Green tea has many benefits. I even hear people says it helps to slim down! Cool. I really need this haha.
Ippin_650_21 Ippin_650_26

Dessert time! I am very impressed with this fluffy bread in the dessert they offer and it actually come from a can! They actually also sell the bread separately as well.
Ippin_650_22 ippin_bread

We have tried the following:
- Veggie Sticks (S$5 Nett)
- Nikujaga (S$5 Nett)
- Yakisoba Set (S$12 Nett)
- Rice Ball with Fillings (S$5 Nett)
- Tofu with Fillings (S$5 Nett)
- Oyakodon Set (S$15 Nett)
- Beef Steak Set (S$25 Nett)
- Mochi & Green Tea with Rice Crackers (S$12 Nett)
- Bread, Ice cream and Grace Piece Tea Set (S$12 Nett)

Ippin Cafe Bar, a artistic cosy cafe like bar offers great collection of sake. Sake that are suitable for ladies as well especially the yoghurt sake and yuzu sake! They also offer a menu of japanese dishes with ingredients from the Japanese SMEs. Best of all, they also sell the ingredients that they used in the menu too!
For enquiries, please call 6733 4794.

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