Invited Tasting: Mad Bistro

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Piggy Back
  • Perfect Wagyu Beef Burger
  • Hotate Mentai
  • Hiyashi Chukka
  • Cocktails
Contact Information
Address: 10 Tanglin Road, #01-01/#02-01, Singapore 247908
Contact No.: +65 6734 5688
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday
12:00 pm-1:00 am

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

MAD Bistro & Whisky Lounge~ This has been an unique experience. Having a meal in an contemporary art gallery is the first time for me. I have not been a very art gallery person. But I thought this is a very different experience from the other usual cafe or restaurant. I am so glad that they have invited me for tasting or I will not have discovered this hidden gem in Tanglin. Terry who was the tasting organiser gave us a wonder Thanks so much to MAD Bistro & Whiskey Lounge! MadBistro_500_26 MadBistro_500_20

The bistro is part of the art gallery. They had designed their art gallery with different areas featuring different theme of art. The gallery is very spacious with 2 stories high. I am novice in appreciating art gallery but I am definitely be in awe of the art pieces. They have amazing variety of pieces. Paintings.. Sculptures.. Creative Furnitures... I particularly adored the rhinoceros inspired arm chair. MadBistro_500_13 MadBistro_500_14 MadBistro_500_15 They also have a cozy Whiskey Lounge. I definitely need to comment on the whiskey lounge toilet. It is so creative! You should really take a look at it even if you don't have a need to! *Winkz* MadBistro_500_22 MadBistro_500_23 MadBistro_500_24 They were featuring the paintings from Wan Tai Feng. Love the peacocks paintings! They are so strikingly lifelike! They also have different type of seatings. Cozy sofa seats... look so comfortable. They also put together different wooden design chair. MadBistro_500_16 MadBistro_500_12 MadBistro_500_18

They featured an open kitchen. They must have did an amazing work in ensuring the fumes from the open kitchen is well kept within it. We couldn't smell anything from the kitchen. They really need to do that to protect the valuable art in the gallery. MadBistro_500_17

We tried a variety of their hot favourites.

Hotate Mentaiko ($24). Diver scallop baked with spicy cod roe, mayo and cheese. It was delicious! Love the fresh scallop top with flavourful Mentaiko with hints of spiciness.

Wasabi Prawn ($18). Crispy Prawn coated with wasabi mayo on watermelon topped with strawberries coulis. The Prawn was crunchily fresh with my all time favourite wasabi mayo. The watermelon make it refreshing and beautiful. MadBistro_500_4

Ikayaki. BBQ Whole Japanese Squid sprinkled with sea salt. It was a bit too chewy to my liking. I think if it is less chewy, it will be much more delicious.

Piggy Back ($26). Oven-Baked pork ribs, coated in New York Style BBQ sauce, served with salad and fries. The meat is tender and it isn't too soft till meat started dropping off from bone. It is done just right!

Perfect Wagyu Beef Burger ($25). Wagyu Beef burger topped with melted cheese and a sunny side up egg drizzled with decadent mushroom sauce, served with salad and fries. I love the Wagyu Beef Patty. I like it so juicy and tender.

Cubed Rib Eye ($30). Chunky cubed rib eye steak with truffle infused mushroom sauce served with salad and fries. The chunky cubes are juicily tender. Love the pan presentation! As if you are eating it right off in the kitchen.

Hiyashi Chukka ($24). Chilled ramen with goma dressing, served with bacon, tamago, nori, kyuri, kani, cherry tomatoes, negi, ginger and crispy garlic chips. First impression - It reminds me of bibimbap. So colourful! I was so full but I still love this dish. It is so cooling and refreshing. The colours make it so appetising.

Lemon Meringue Cake. There is always space for dessert! I am such a dessert person. The lemony from the cake is very refreshing and distract me of being so full from all the dishes.

Cocktails! They were so delightful. Strawberry or berry-infused cocktail always has cough syrup taste alike issue for me. But I am really glad that their cocktails is far from having this issue at all. I totally love it!
We have tried the following:
- Hotate Mentaiko
- Wasabi Prawn
- Ikayaki (BBQ Squid)
- Piggy Back (Oven Baked Ribs)
- Perfect Wagyu Beef Burger
- Cubed Rib Eye
- Hiyashi Chukka (Chilled Ramen)
- Lemon Meringue Cake
- Cocktails

The dishes were delicious especially Piggy Back, Perfect Wagyu Beef Burger, Hotate Mentai and Hiyashi Chukka. The ingredients were very fresh. The wagyu beef burger was so juicily tender. This place is indeed an hidden gem in Tanglin. If you patronise them, you get to park your car for free too. It is great for romantic dates or family or friends gatherings. Especially you want something more unique than the typical restaurants. You will be in for a journey of inspiration from all the wonderful art pieces. I will certainly be back again.

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