Invited Tasting: En Grill & Bar with the Entertainer 2015 Offers

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Angel Hair Pasta
  • Wagyu Houba Misayaki
  • Wagyu Mini Burger
Contact Information
Address: 207 River Valley Rd #01-60, UE Square, Singapore 238275
Contact No.: +65 6732 6863
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
Mon to Thurs: 6pm to 2am
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH: 6pm to 3am
Sun: 6pm to 12am

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

En Grill and Bar~ It is one of the restaurants that offers great deals on The Entertainer Singapore 2015 App. You get to enjoy 3 offers "1 for 1 main menu item", "2 for 2 tapas" and "1 for 1 assorted grilled skewer platter". Great for romantic dates, friends and family gatherings. I am delighted to be invited for the last Entertainer Singapore event 2015 at En Grill & Bar. I have heard of the Entertainer app offering great deals but never really get to explore it. This event presents me a great opportunity and brought me lots lots of savings after that. Thank you so much to En Grill and Bar and of course The Entertainer! En_Grill_14

Back to En Grill and Bar~ I like their ambience as they offer different type of seatings. Outdoor where you can catch your sport channel with your buddies.. En_Grill_20
Indoor features 2 types of areas...
One where you basked in the lights of romance with surrounds by beautiful bottles of amazing liquid... En_Grill_25 En_Grill_16
Second where you have business gatherings by their open glass kitchen En_Grill_18

They feature an open glass kitchen where you can watch the chefs whipped up the delicious dishes. The service staff are also attentive and show us swiftly to our seating area. En_Grill_19

We had the pleasure of sampling their new menu featuring the award-winning Motobu Wagyu Beef from Yanbaru, Okinawa Japan. En Grill & Bar only served wagyu with a marbling grade of A4 and A5 with a modern twist in authentic Japanese dishes.
With the Entertainer 2015 offers in hand, you can enjoy
~Two Tapas for Two Tapas Offer~
I present to you the following tapas:

Tapas: Tako Carpaccio $12 - Sliced octopus and salmon roe with a drizzle of yuzu and truffle oil. I am not a great fan of octopus but they had managed to present the octopus with great refreshing twist using the yuzu and truffle oil. It was like a painting with many elements that is so pleasing to the eye!

En_Grill_4 En_Grill_21
Wagyu Mini Burger $16 - Handground Motobu wagyu beef patty with red wine sauce. I love Mini Beef Burgers. This is definitely one of my favourites. The juicily tender wagyu beef patty. Nom Nom! Great dish for sharing with friends too!

Garlic Gambas $16 - Pan-fried shrimp with creamy butter sauce. Love the fresh crunchy prawns! However, I would like it better with a more generous portion considering the price.

With the Entertainer 2015 offers in hand, you can enjoy
~One assorted grilled skewer platter for one assorted grilled skewer platter~
I present to you the following assorted grilled skewer platters:
Sumiyaki Moriawase $25 - Assorted grilled skewers. The cute mini charcoal grill presentation indeed impressively beautiful and photogenic. When it arrived, the room was instantly filled with the bbq aroma. There were items like squid, juicy tomato, healthy asparagus, chicken wings and meatballs. I like the squid especially as it was grilled to perfection - white throughout but still tender.

Wagyu Yasai Stick $24 - Motobu Wagyu with assorted veggies skewer. Love the colours! However, sad to say that I didn't manage to appreciate it as the beef was a tad too chewy.

With the Entertainer 2015 offers in hand, you can also enjoy
~One main menu item for one main menu item~
I present to you the following main menu items:
En_Grill_8 En_Grill_9
Sunny Side-Up Hamburg $18 - Handground wagyu beef patty topped with sunny side-up egg and red wine sauce. My classic favourite! The essence of the egg infused into the the beef patty as we cut.The beef patty was so moist and deliciously juicy.

En_Grill_24 En_Grill_10
Wagyu Houba Misayaki $28 - Charcoal grilled Motobu Wagyu steak with miso on houba leaf. Another dish that present with the minature charcoal grill. This is my favourite Wagyu Steak dish from their menu. The wagyu beef was well-marbled and tenderly flavourful.

Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras $14.80 - Braised Motobu Wagyu beef tendon with foie gras in miso. It reminded me of braised beef cheek as it literally melts into your mouth. The dish is strong bursting with flavours. I think it will go well with rice or bread. Hard to finish it by itself.

Angel Hair Pasta $18.80 - Cold angel hair pasta topped with sea urchin and salmon roe. The coldness brought a wave of refreshing sensation together with the flavours of the sea - urchin and salmon roe. The splashes of orange and black colors totally contrasting and beautiful. This is my most favourite and memorable dish!

Now the desserts and drinks time! Unfortunately, the Entertainer App doesn't offer any deal on desserts but nevertheless there were already lots of savings from the tapas, assorted grill skewers and main course.

Yuzu Cheesecake $7.80 - Light cheesecake infused with Japanese yuzu. Beautifully presented. The cheese cake with hints of yuzu. Making it velvety light textured and elegant!

Matcha Tiramisu $7.80 - En's own green tea tiramisu. Intriguing dish. I have never tried green tea tiramisu before. Creamy and Green Tea-tinged flavor topped with Red Bean. Tiramisu Lovers, you should really check this out!

Calpis Sour - My favourite cocktail of the night! It remind me of the sparkling version of Korean Makgeolli (Rice Wine).

Thank you so much En Grill & Bar for the deliciously gorgeous food creations!

Special Thanks to the Entertainer! It has brought awesome savings deals! En Grill & Bar is just one of the 800+ merchants which offers offers on the Entertainer Singapore app. It is not limited to F&B deals. There are also spas, activities, attractions and more!
For those of us who are not yet using Entertainer Singapore, I strongly recommend that you consider to get it soon! You may be wondering that it is already coming to the end of 2015. Is it really still worth it? It is definitely still worth it! In less than 3 weeks, I have already save an estimate of SGD 124! No kidding! Take a look for yourself! I am definitely going to check out the 1 for 1 buffet dinner deal from the Lime Restaurant. It is already worth an estimated of SGD $74 dollars!

The Entertainer Singapore 2015 app is available in both iOS and Android. I am using the android version.
Here are some screenshots to help first-time users!
Simply download and register your account. Create a pin which you will need to use during the redemption. If your forget your pin, you can always reset it in the Account section.
The_Entertainer_1 The_Entertainer_2

There is a free trial of 14 days with limited offers. You will need to purchase it at S$60 but you can use the promo code "2015ALVIN" which will entitle you to a 10% discount upon checkout. The_Entertainer_5 The_Entertainer_6

Once you purchase it, all the offers will be unlocked and you can start your saving spree now! The_Entertainer_3 The_Entertainer_4

I have made use of the F&B deals from the fine dinings restaurants The Lime Restaurant and The Burlamacco to casual dining like The Lawn and coffee place at The Yellow Cup Express. Collage
We have tried the following:
- Tako Carpaccio $12
- Wagyu Mini Burger $16
- Garlic Gambas $16
- Sumiyaki Moriawase $25
- Wagyu Yasai Stick $24
- Sunny Side-Up Hamburg $18
- Wagyu Houba Misayaki $28
- Wagyu Suji and Foie Gras $14.80
- Angel Hair Pasta $18.80
- Yuzu Cheesecake $7.80
- Matcha Tiramisu $7.80

The dishes were wonderfully delicious especially Angel Hair Pasta, Wagyu Mini Burger and Wagyu Houba Misayaki. The ingredients were very fresh. The wagyu mini burger was juicily tender and angel hair pasta was very refreshing. The ambience features cozy and romantic seatings, corporate function section and outdoor seating which get to enjoy the sport tv channel. Do check out the Entertainer App which will bring you lots of savings!~

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