Hua Yu Wee (华友园) Seafood Restaurant

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Cereal Prawns
  • Seafood Kway Tiao
  • Chilli Crab
Where to Next
  • Take a walk at the east coast park
Contact Information
Address: 462 Upper East Coast Rd, Singapore 466508
Contact No.: +65 6442 9313
Price Range (per pax): S$31 - S$50

Opening Hours
Daily: 17:00 - 23:30

My Rating: (4 out of 5)

Hua Yu Wee (华友园)~ A Chinese Seafood Restaurant. We were planning for our family gathering. Going for a seafood dinner seems to be a great choice. The usual options would have been Jumbo Seafood Restaurant. Sound Boring. We decided to check it out for Hua Yu Wee. Highly Recommended by our family friends.
The restaurant is like inside of a big bungalow house. Just in front of the bungalow is their little car park which require valet. Do visit them early as their car park may run out of parking area. Inside the bungalow house is their indoor air-conditioned area. Over at the backyard is a very spacious area for alfresco dining. The restaurant is usually very crowded. Hence, I prefer the backyard as the indoor area seems to trap all the conversations inside the room. The ambience is definitely not the typical posh seafood restaurant. It feel very traditional family style restaurant. Just like home.
Their service was swift. After asking them to proceed to serve the dishes, the dishes were soon laid on our table. On the left side of the bungalow house was their kitchen. They have quite a big team of kitchen crew. No wonder, the dishes were whipped so quickly. They also placed a big container of ice water at the side. You can always self-service and get the ice water yourself.
We ordered the a few dishes to share.
Stir Fried Long Beans with Crispy Fried Shrimps. The long beans were crunchy and tasty and the crispy fried shrimps complement them so well.
Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms. Love the different layers of textures in the dish. Lightly fried tofu with a layer of spinach on it. Drizzled with mushrooms on them. Ideal dish for kids as well.
Seafood Kway Tiao. This is a very unique seafood kway tiao dish. Often, it is always the brownish fried big hor fun with few piece of squid, meat or prawn. They serve it with the thin kway tiao with vegetables and prawns and topped it with some crispy stuff. The dish look so appetising with their lovely colors.
Cereal Prawns. The all-time favourite of many people. The prawns are so fragrant as it fries with the cereal. Love to scoop spoonfuls of the cereal and just eat it that way. So crispy and yummy.
Feng Sha Chicken. It is a very popular dish. We actually booked it in advance. The skin is crispy and the meat is tenderly juicy.
Chilli Crab. My personal favourite. What's a seafood dinner without chilli crab. Winkz. Look at the pincer! It is so big! It is not too spicy. Just nice for me.
Black Pepper Crab. Popular dish for many people as well. It smells fragrant. I still prefer the chilli crab more as I usually don't know how to appreciate Black Pepper Crab.
They gave us a complimentary fruit platter. Wow! So sweet of them. So many slice of water melons. Aren't the fruits look sweet! They are indeed sweet as well.
We have ordered the following
  • Stir Fried Long Beans with Crispy Fried Shrimps
  • Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms
  • Seafood Kway Tiao
  • Cereal Prawns
  • Feng Sha Chicken
  • Chilli Crab
  • Black Pepper Crab
The total bill was about $260 (~S$37 per pax). We had 6 adults and 2 young kids. It is along East Coast Road. If you are driving, do patronise them early as the car park may be full. They provide valet service as well. The place emits a familiar nostalgic feeling. Making you feel at ease. A welcome change for the usual posh seafood restaurants. Highly recommended for family and friends gathering.

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