Invited Tasting: Grissini and Tempo (Grand Copthorne Waterfront)

Recommended Dishes to try
  • Boston Lobster Linguine
  • White Pizza
  • Grilled Spring Chicken
  • Grilled Octopus
  • Sundried Tomato Aioli Sauce
  • Panna Cotta
Contact Information
Address: 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore, 169663
Contact No.: +65 6233 1100
Website : View Website
Email Address:
Price Range (per pax): S$51 - S$100 (Lunch)

Opening Hours (Grissini)
Beverage: 2pm – 12am
Snacks: 12pm – 11pm (to be served from Grissini)
Brunch (Sunday only): 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Opening Hours (Tempo)
Lunch: 12pm - 2:30pm
Dinner: 6:30pm - 11pm
Brunch (Sunday only): 12:30pm - 3:30pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

Grissini and Tempo ~ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel has a new dining concept since June 2016. I have been their long-time customer with their previous offerings Cafe Brio and Pontini for many many years. I am so excited to try the new dining offerings includes Grissini and Tempo. Thank you Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and Jennifer for inviting us. We had delicious italian food at Grissini - Southern Italian Restaurant and beautiful local inspired cocktails from Tempo Bar!
Grissini_650_3 Grissini_650_30

Cheery Bold Orange and Black Modern Interior Design. This immediately brighten my mood especially after a long day at work. Love the tall glass windows where you can admire the lovely view of our Singapore river. For alfresco lovers, you can immerse yourself in the view and also see the chef at work with the Josper Grill - an elegant combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine. Grissini has 174 seating capacity (indoor and alfresco) whereas Tempo has 61 seating capacity (indoor and alfresco). There will be Live DJ spinning beats from Thursday to Saturday only.
Grissini_650_32 Grissini_650_12 Grissini_650_8 Grissini_650_7 Grissini_650_5 Grissini_650_6

Complimentary Grissini
Grissini offers complimentary Grissini - Breadstick with Sundried Tomato Aioli Sauce. Now you know where the name of the restaurant came from. This is so addictive!!! It was so hard to stop myself to keep space for the upcoming meals.

Cheese with Parma Ham Salad - S$26
Pan-fried Buffalo Mozzarella wrapped in 12months aged Parma Ham, Marjoram Herb, Baby Rocket, Orange Oil and Taggiasca Olives. Fresh Crispy Baby Rocket Leaves. This refreshing dish help to whet my appetite.


Lobster and Mozzarella Cheese Salad - S$30
Italian Buffalo Mozzarella served with Fresh Boston Lobster,Yellow Friseé and enhanced with Basil Oil. The lobster meat is fresh and tender with hints of sweetness. Yum yum!

Octopus Salad - S$24
Octopus served with Cherry Heirloom Pomodorini, BabyRocket,Taggiasca Olives, LemonZest, White Balsamico Dressing and enhanced with Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Primo” D.O.Pand Basil Oil. I always worry when ordering octopus as not many restaurants able to do it well. It is often very tough. I am glad that the octopus salad offered by Grissini is very tender.

Mushroom Fagottelli - S$24
Handmade Pasta stuffed with Fresh Ricotta, Thyme Leaves and Provolone served with Porcini Mushroom Ragoût. Cute Pasta Packets filled with mushroom stew. It reminds me of our chinese dumplings.

Boston Lobster Linguine - S$36
Artisanal Linguine Pasta with Fresh Boston Lobster, Datterino Tomatoes, Frascati White Wine and Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Primo” D.O.P. The linguine absorbed the flavors of the sauce together with the Lobster which is very fresh and juicy.

White Pizza - S$20 (Small), S$24 (Medium)
Black Truffle Paste, Mozzarella, Aged Bacon, Cream and Fresh Basil. My first time trying a white pizza. Interesting. When they presented the pizza, the room is already filled with the Truffle fragrance. I find the white pizza is a bit too salty for me.
Grissini_650_14 Grissini_650_16

Salami Pizza - S$18 (Small), S$22 (Medium)
Italian Truffle Salami, San Marzano Tomato Salsa, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil. I understand that they made a lot of effort to making pizza. Not just the fresh ingredients but also the dough which is knead at low speed. After the rising process,they wait for the pizza dough to mature at least 24 hours in a controlled temperature. This is then suitable for consumption and will not cause indigestion. Lovely thin crust pizza. Great for Salami Lovers.

Grilled Spring Chicken - S$38
Roasted Ratte Potatoes and Green Asparagus. It is specially grilled using their Josper Grill - a combination of a grill and oven. Indeed, the chicken is tender and juicy! Different from the usual grilled chicken which is often dry. My favourite dish!

Wagyu Ribeye - S$78
Australian Wagyu with Parmesan Cheese and Tomatoes. Wow Wagyu my favourite! They have cooked it medium rare. Rich and Tender Flavor!
Grissini_650_20 Grissini_650_21

Grilled Octopus - S$36
Roasted Ratte Potatoes, Taggiasca Olives, Datterino and Baby Rocket. Another of my favourite! I love all their seafood dishes! So fresh and so well managed that the seafood are fresh, tender and juicy! Nom Nom!
Grissini_650_17 Grissini_650_18

Panna Cotta - S$14
Vanilla Flavour, Mango Coulis,Exotic Fruits and Raspberry Sorbet. Its Dessert time! Panna Cotta! One of my favourite dessert. So creamy and smooth together with the sorbet. Very Well-Balance!
Grissini_650_23 Grissini_650_24

Limoncello Tiramisu - S$14
Amalfi Coast’s Lemon Liqueur with Savoiardi Biscuits, Mascarpone and Zabaione Cream. Interesting. Never seen before Limoncello Tiramisu. Refreshing Change.
Grissini_650_27 Grissini_650_28

Chocolate Tart - S$14
Warm Hazelnut Chocolate Tart served with Pistachio Ice Cream. Rich smooth chocolate. There is even a bit chocolate lava slowly ooze out of the tart as we cut.

Private Collection of Gelato (Per Scoop) - S$8
Gelato (Parmesan, Black Truffle Oil & Olives, Balsamic Vinegar, Basil, Cherry Tomato, Chocolate, Pistachio, Vanilla) and Sorbet (Lemon, Raspberry). Wow so many unique flavors! So interesting. We are so honored to get to try all the flavors! My favourite was the Black Truffle Oil & Olives. Haha A Truffle Lover just love truffle in many forms.
Grissini_650_22 Grissini_650_2

Signature Cocktails from Tempo - S$22 each
So Pretty! So Local Popular Desserts or Drinks Inspired! I am sorry that I can't really give much comments as I didn't drink them. Based on the popularity votes from our group #Locotempo 81 - Ice Jelly Inspired was the top favourite!

#Locotempo 61 - Chendol Inspired - S$22
Homemade Pandan-infused Rum, Malibu, Coconut, Homemade Gula Melaka Syrup, Homemade Chendol Jelly & Grass Jelly. The presentation is awesome! So pretty! Who will have thought it is actually a cocktail. It looks even prettier than our usual Chendol.

#Locotempo 63 - Bandung Inspired - S$22
Tanqueray Gin, Carlo Alberto Rosso, Homemade Rose-mary-infused Rose Syrup, Earl Grey Tea, Creme De Cacao Blanc. Bandung - Another of my local favourite drink. A pretty pink drink. For their version, you get to mix it yourself to your own preference.

#Locotempo 81 -Ice Jelly Inspired - S$22
Tanqueray Gin, Yuzu, Fresh Lemongrass, Homemade Sauvignon Blanc Reduction, Fresh Calamansi, Ai-yu Jelly. Ice Jelly. My favourite local dessert. Always so refreshing! This cocktail is also the top favourite in our group.

#Locotempo 108 - Kopi-O-Peng Inspired - S$22
Corralejo Blanco Tequila, Kahlua, Coffee, Agave Nectar, Amaretto Foam. Interesting Local Coffee Inspired Cocktail. My first impression was oh We can tabao (take away) this cocktail home. Haha So Auntie!~

#Locotempo 135 - Malaya Mojito Inspired - S$22
Homemade Pandan-infused Rum, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lime, Homemade Gula Melaka Syrup. Mojito is always one of my favorite cocktails. Love the refreshing minty lime taste of Mojito!

Grissini Southern Italian Restaurant ~ Great place for business dining, friends or family gathering. Cheery Bold Orange and Black Modern Interior Design. We also met the man behind the scenes - Chef Antonio Cocozza who came from Southern coast of Italy, where pizza was created. He also have over 25 years of culinary experience at many renowned restaurants in the UK, Italy, Australia, Russia, Africa, China and Singapore. My favourite delicious dishes are the Boston Lobster Linguine, Grilled Spring Chicken and Grilled Octopus.
We (8 pax) have tried the following:
- Cheese with Parma Ham Salad - S$26
- Lobster and Mozzarella Cheese Salad - S$30
- Octopus Salad - S$24
- Mushroom Fagottelli - S$24
- Boston Lobster Linguine - S$36
- White Pizza - S$20 (Small), S$24 (Medium)
- Salami Pizza - S$18 (Small), S$22 (Medium)
- Grilled Spring Chicken - S$38
- Wagyu Ribeye - S$78
- Grilled Octopus - S$36
- Panna Cotta - S$14
- Limoncello Tiramisu - S$14
- Chocolate Tart - S$14
- Private Collection of Gelato (Per Scoop) - S$8

Tempo Bar ~ A lovely cozy bar with Local popular dessert/ drink inspired cocktails. Allows you to unwind after an hectic day at work. They also have Live DJ spinning beats (from Thursday to Saturday only). We have tried the following:
- #Locotempo 61 - Chendol Inspired - S$22
- #Locotempo 63 - Bandung Inspired - S$22
- #Locotempo 81 -Ice Jelly Inspired - S$22
- #Locotempo 108 - Kopi-O-Peng Inspired - S$22
- #Locotempo 135 - Malaya Mojito Inspired - S$22



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