District 10 Bar & Restaurant (UE Square)

Recommended Dish to Try
  • Complimentary sun-dried tomatoes bread
  • Crispy Goose Leg Confit
Where to Next
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Contact Information
Address:81 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-15/16/17 UE Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 239917 (corner of Unity Street and Clemenceau Avenue)
Contact No.: +65 6738 4788
Website : View Website
Price Range (per pax): S$51-$100

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursdays: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Fridays: 11.30am – 1.00am
Saturdays: 11:00am – 1.00am
Sundays: 11.00am – 11.00pm

My Rating: (3 out of 5)

District 10 Bar and Restaurant. My friend has told me that he found the complimentary bread (previously served by Bonta which has already closed down) at District 10 Bar and Restaurant. I suddenly have craving for the bread. We decided to pay a visit to District 10 Bar and Restaurant. It is nice to chill out after a long day at work.
The place was pretty crowded. There is outdoor and indoor seating. It was quite hazy. Hence, we decided to take a seat indoor. What a pity! It would be nice to sit and enjoy the view outside. Most of the other customers still took the seat outdoor. The customers were mainly couples, family or friends gathering. district_10_bistro_ambience district_10_bistro_table
We were seated at a corner. At times, it is a bit difficult to get the service staff's attention. They didn't serve us the complimentary bread till we request for it. *Feels very thick skin* But I really crave for it. They did serve it to the other tables. I suspect the staff has forgotten to serve it to us. The staff serve the bread to us swiftly after we request.
We ordered the following:
~Complimentary Bread~ district_10_bistro_bread district_10_bistro_bread_cheese
Bread with sun-dried tomates filled with cheese! They serve it with a sauce. I am not sure exactly what they have added to the olive oil. It already taste delicious without the sauce. I really appreciate that the restaurant puts so much effort to the complimentary bread they serve customers.
~Crispy Goose Leg Confit, Roasted Garlic, Soft Potato Mousse (S$26)~ district_10_bistro_goose_leg_confit
The goose leg was very tender and the skin is also crispy. I love the tomatoes that came with it! It is very juicy and fresh! The potato mousse is soft and fragrant.
~Pizza with Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang (S$26)~ district_10_bistro_wagyu_pizza
The pizza look plain and the no. of wagyu beef cheek look miserable on the pizza. I would prefer the wagyu beef pizza from CM-PB (Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar). I always prefer pizza with a lot of ingredients on it. Hence, this dish didn't appeal to me.
~Warm Lava Chocolat Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream~ district_10_bistro_lava_cake district_10_bistro_cake_closeup
Although I am not a big fan of chocolate, I always love chocolate lava cake. It feels good to see the chocolate lava flow out of the cake and coupled with cold vanilla ice cream. However, not every places manage to do it very well. I didn't quite like their version. The ice cream is nice. However, I think the cake is a bit too dry. It will be good if the cake is soft and moist.
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