Dessert Recipe: Bo Bo Cha Cha

Recipe: Bo Bo Cha Cha

Shopping List (For reference)

Ingredients (For 4 - 6 persons)
  • 300g x Yam/ TARO and Sweet Potato
  • 250g x Coconut Milk
  • Caster Sugar
  • 4 x Pandan Leaves

Cooking Steps

Step 1: CHOP the SWEET POTATO and YAM/ TARO into cubes.
Note: The ratio of the Yam/ Taro and Sweet Potato depends on your preference.

Step 2: STEAM YAM/ TARO and SWEET POTATO for 10 mins (or till they soften)

Note: For testing the softness, you can use a chopstick and try to poke through the taro and sweet potato. I use SHARP HEALSIO steam oven to steam my yam/ taro and sweet potato cubes.

Step 3: COOK the TAPIOCA CUBES in hot boiling water until they float up
Tip: The water must be really boiling hot when you cook the tapocia cubes.

Step 4: Boil SUGAR with water. The amount of sugar depends on your preference.
Step 5: Put the TAPIOCA, YAM/ TARO and SWEET POTATOES cubes inside the sugar base

Step 6: Add the coconut milk and boil for 1 minute
Step 7: Add the pandan leaves and boil for 3 minutes

Step 8: Ready for a delicious dessert

This is my first time cooking Bo Bo Cha Cha dessert. Surprisingly, it is not as difficult as I thought and I feel it is more delicious than some of the ones I bought outside. What I like about home cooked meals is you get to customised it to your preference. How sweet you like. How much of the ingredients you like. Like I prefer Taro more I add more Taro. It is great dessert to end a beautiful family meal. Try it and let me know what you think.

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